[ Cadell & Davies, London booksellers. ] Autograph Note Signed from 'S. Cadell' to 'Mr Lawless' [ the firm's assistant Robert Lawless ], instructing him to deliver copies of Pope's Homer to 'Mr Nichols' [ John Bowyer Nichols ].

S. Cadell [ John Bowyer Nichols (1779-1863), printer and publisher; Robin Lawless (1724-1806), Irish-born assistant to the London booksellers Cadell & Davies [ Thomas Cadell & William Davies ] ]
Publication details: 
Without place or date. [ London, pre-1806. ]

On one side of a small rectangle of laid paper, with one corner snipped off. In fair condition, aged and worn, with spike hole not affecting text. Reads: 'Mr Lawless | Deliver Mr Nichols Ninety Popes omer 4 Vol. | S. Cadell'. Although clearly a member of the firm, the identity of the writer is unclear, the descriptions of Cadell & Davies material at the Huntingdon and Yale not yielding any information.

Autograph Letter Signed ('A Lang') to unnamed male correspondent.

Andrew Lang (1844-1912), Scottish man of letters
Publication details: 
15 December [no year, but after 1906]; on letterhead of Alleyne House, St. Andrews, Scotland.

12mo: 3 pp. Bifolium. 27 lines, written in a shaky hand. On creased, discoloured paper, and with some damage to the second leaf caused by careless removal from mount. Two irregularly-shaped closed tears on the second leaf, one to the left of the signature, have been neatly repaired on the reverse with archival tape. He is glad that his correspondent likes 'our Odyssey: the Iliad is less attractive. [...] I dare not remember all my books, but will ask Messrs Longman to send a list of what they possess. All are very unpopular.' He doesn't write in 'T.

Autograph Note Signed ('Ernest Myers') to autograph collector 'Mr. Soulsby'.

Ernest James Myers (1844-1921), English classicist, translator and poet
Publication details: 
10 January 1884; place not stated.

One page, 12mo. Very good. 'I have much pleasure in sending you my signature, as I am told you wd. care to have it.

Autograph Letter Signed "Dugas-Montbel" to "mon cher Confrere", not named.

Jean-Baptiste Dugas-Montbel.
Publication details: 
No place, [?] february 1833.

French Hellenist. In French. Two pages, 8vo, good condition. He returnsd a letter his correspondent had sent to their colleague, Viennet "pour l'Academie" to which he adds something of Labitte "pur la Collectio Pizarrensis [Pisaurensis?]. He benefits from the offer of ""votre nouveau substitut" Jacqumets [?]. He has seen Beuchot. He has corrected the first proof of "The Odyssey" ("j'ai corrige la premiere epreuve de L'Odyssee"). He has hopes of finishing "le grand oeuvre des poesies homeriques". He wonders what he will devote himself to afterwrds.

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