[George Arbuthnot, civil servant, as Private Secretary to Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir Charles Wood.] Autograph Letter Signed ('G. Arbuthnot') to unnamed editor, sending for publication a corrected copy of speech in reply to motion by Disraeli.

George Arbuthnot (1802-1865), senior civil servant [Charles Wood (1800-1885), 1st Viscount Halifax, Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer]
Publication details: 
Downing Street [London]. 7 April 1849.

According to his entry in the Oxford DNB, Arbuthnot 'served as private secretary successively to seven patronage secretaries; to the permanent head of the department, Sir Charles Spearman, and his successor, Sir Charles Trevelyan; to the prime minister, Sir Robert Peel; and to Sir Charles Wood, chancellor of the exchequer in Russell's administration'. The present item was written by Arbuthnot while holding the last position. 1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Laid down on part of a leaf from an album.

[Parliamentary expenditure in the Napoleonic Wars, including 'the Sum wanted for American Loyalists'.] 'Accounts and Estimates: Ordered, by The House of Commons, to be printed, 11 November 1813.'

C. Arbuthnot [Charles Arbuthnot (1767-1850)], Joint Secretary to the Treasury [House of Commons; Houses of Parliament; Napoleonic Wars]
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'Ordered, by the House of Commons, to be printed, 11 November 1813.'

6 + [1]pp., folio. Side stitched and unbound. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with light staining at foot of first page. The contents of the document are given as follows: '1. - Account of Sums advanced, for Public Services, from the Civil List Revenues, pursuant to Addresses, not being part of its Ordinary Expenditure. | 2. - Account of Sums advanced, for Public Services, from the Civil List Revenues, not being part of its Ordinary Expenditure. | 3.

[ George Atherton Aitken, civil servant and man of letters. ] Autograph Note Signed ('George A Aitken') to Sir Richard Harington

George Atherton Aitken (1860-1917), civil servant and man of letters [ Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911), 11th Bart ]
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On letterhead of the Home Office, Whitehall, S.W. 30 June 1897.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Aitken is 'desired by Mr. Digby [his superior at the Home Office, the future Sir Kenelm Digby (1836-1916)] to forward to you a copy of the Workmen (Compensation for Accidents) Bill, as amended in Committee, together with the Amendments put down for consideration at the Report stage'. Aitken is described in his obituary in The Times, 19 November 1917, as 'one of the first authorities on the Queen Anne period of English literature'.

[ Northcote-Trevelyan Report, 1854. ] Six items: long letter from Herries to Northcote in defence of the civil service; Northcote's reply; Herries' rejoinder; letter from Frederick Goulburn to Herries; two printed papers by George Arbuthnot.

Northcote-Trevelyan Report, 1854 [ Sir Charles John Herries; Sir Stafford Northcote [ Stafford Henry Northcote, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh ]; George Arbuthnot; Frederick Goulburn; Civil Service reform ]
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The six items from 1854. Northcote's letter from the Pynes, Exeter; Herries from the 'I[nland]. R[evenue].' and 114 Piccadilly; Goulburn from the Board of Customs [ London ]; and one of Arbuthnot's papers 'Printed at the Foreign Office'.

Lord Hennessy has characterised the subject of these items, the Northcote-Trevelyan Report of 1854, as 'the greatest single governing gift of the nineteenth to the twentieth century: a politically disinterested and permanent Civil Service with core values of integrity, propriety, objectivity and appointment on merit, able to transfer its loyalty and expertise from one elected government to the next'.

[ Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, London. ] Four programmes/menus of meetings, nicely printed and illustrated (three by Rupert Thomas Gould).

[ Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, London literary dining club; Rupert Thomas Gould (1890-1948); Curwen Press; Pelican Press; Owen Lankester; Edward Heron-Allen; Sir William Arbuthnot Lane ]
Publication details: 
[ Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, London. ] One: 'holden at Ye Imperial Restaurant (Oddenino's)', 30 October 1923. Two: Royal Adelaide Gallery (Gatti's), 22 June 1926. Three and Four at the Savoy, 24 April 1928 (Curwen Press), 27 June 1933 (Pelican Press).

One: 'Ye 390th Meeting of Ye Sette of Odde [sic] Volumes, holden at Ye Imperial Restaurant (Oddenino's) on Tuesday, ye 30th daie of October, 1923.' 4pp., 4to. Bifolium on shiny art paper. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. Stylish caricature portrait of chairman Sir William Arbuthnot Lane ('Chirurgeon') on front cover, with two amusing small vignettes. TWO: 'Ye 415th Meeting of Ye Sette of Odd Volumes, holden at Ye Royal Adelaide Gallery (Gatti's) on Tuesday, ye 22nd daie of June, 1926.' 4pp., 8vo. Bifolium on shiny art paper.

Autograph Letter Signed to Major General Sir John Murray.

Charles Arbuthnot
Publication details: 
Docketed '25th Septr 1811'.

Arbuthnot (1767-1850) was a diplomat and statesman; Murray (c.1768-1827) was a soldier. Three pages, quarto. Good, but creased and grubby on discoloured paper. Rust stain from paperclip and traces of previous mount on blank verso of second leaf of bifoliate. He has received Murray's letter.

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