[ 'Anya Seton', pen name of Ann Seton Chase, American author of historical romances. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Anya Seton | (Mrs. Hamilton Chase)') to 'Miss Cond' [ Eileen M. Cond ]. giving plans for a trip to England, to visit her father's family.

'Anya Seton', pen name of Ann Seton Chase (1904-1990), bestselling American author of historical romances
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On her letterhead, Old Greenwich, Connecticut. 14 July 1958

2pp., 8vo. 2pp., 8vo. In fair condition, lightly aged. She begins, after stating that she is returning her bookplate (which she has signed), with details of a forthcoming visit to England, involving a drive 'up North to my father's birthplace', where she will 'stay in Northumberland a fortnight at least, and investigate some of the masses of cousins I have there'. Later she may 'be down your way' (Devon): 'Do you still run the Deer Park?

[University College, London.] Six printed handbills: four syllabuses or calendars of events, each headed 'Special Arrangements', with another for 'Special Courses in Psychology', and an announcement of a set of 'Public Introductory Lectures'.

[University College, London (University of London)] [T. Gregory Foster; Walter W. Seton; William McDougall; Carveth Reid; Sir William Ramsay; Sir John Macdonell; F. Mackarness; L. M. Brandin]
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Unversity College, London (University of London). The four relating to 'Special Arrangements' dating from 'First Term. Session 1904-1905' to 'First Term. - Session 1905-1906.' The 'Special Courses' for 1904-1905. The 'Lectures' for 1905-1906.

The six items in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. With stamps, shelfmarks and labels of the Board of Education Reference Library. The four calendars of 'Special Arrangements' are all 1p., foolscap 8vo, and signed in type at the foot by T. Gregory Foster, Principal, and Walter W. Seton, Acting Secretary. They give details of lectures and other information including the 'Reception of new Students by the Principal and the respective Deans' and the 'Last Day for receiving Essays'. The other two documents only carry Foster's signature in type.

Manuscript Minute Book of the Oxford Ornithological Society, with signatures, covering the period between 1943 and 1948, and with a number of attractive handbills and other items of ephemera (printed at the Oxford University Press) tipped in.

[Oxford Ornithological Society; Fraser Darling; Ludwig Koch; Eric Ennion; Seton Gordon; Tinbergen; Landsborough Thomson]
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[Oxford.] Michaelmas Term, 1943 - Michaelmas Term 1948.

4to, 180 pp. In original 'Emberlin & Son' ledger, with red leather half-binding, black cloth, marbled endpapers. Text clear and complete. In fair condition, on aged paper, in worn binding. Minutes signed by G. H. Spray, B. W. Tucker, W. B. Alexander, J. B. E. Say, William G. Dyson, Alan Newton. Numerous programmes (with lists of officers) tipped-in, along with one set of rules and a poster with large engraving of bird (a smaller version of which features on the programmes), printed by the Holywell Press.

Autograph Signatures of Sir Henry Seton-Karr and Heywood Walter Seton-Karr.

Sir Henry Seton-Karr (1853-1914), explorer, big game hunter and Conservative Member of Parliament for St Helens; Heywood Walter Seton-Karr (1859-1938), soldier and game hunter
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H. W. Seton-Karr's signature dated 2 June 1927.

H. W. Seton-Karr's signature on a piece of card, roughly 9 x 11 cm, neatly cut with rounded edges. Reads 'Heywood Walter | Seton-Karr | June 2nd. 1927'. Neatly laid down beneath this is a thin printed strip reading 'Capt. H. W. SETON-KARR, F.R.G.S. (Explorer and Big Game Hunter), on "Investigations."' Sir Henry Seton-Karr's signature ('H. Seton-Karr.') on slip of paper, roughly 2 x 9.5 cm, laid down at head of card, on which is written, above H. W. Seton-Karr's signature, '(Sir Henry Seton-Karr MP)'. In good condition, on lightly aged paper.

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