[Richard Carlile, leader of the Rotunda Radicals.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to 'Mr. Teague', i.e. John Teague, Keeper of the Giltspur Street Compter where Carlile was incarcerated, regarding editing proofs and having his head cast by phrenolog

Richard Carlile (1790-1843), publisher and writer, leader of the Rotunda Radicals, lover of Elizabeth Sharples (1803-1852), suffragist [John Teague (1779-1841), Keeper of the Giltspur Street Compter
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'Compter Decr. 29. 1834'. [Giltspurt Street Compter, London]

For information on Carlile - described by E. P. Thompson as a 'Showman of Free Thought' - and his 'moral wife' the suffragist Eliza Sharples, see their entries in the Oxford DNB. At the time of writing Carlile was in prison for refusal to pay the church rates. The proofs Carlile asks to be allowed to receive in the first letter are presumably those of his journal 'The Gauntlet'. The phrenologist 'Mr. Hohn' referred to in the second of the letters - the 'Mr. Holme' of the accompanying slip - is the German-born physician and phrenologist John Diederick Holm (d.1856).

[Sir William Molesworth, Radical politician and journalist.] Autograph Letter Signed ('W Molesworth') to 'Merivale' [i.e. Herman Merivale] of the Colonial Office, about a report on 'exploring Central Africa' and other matters.

Sir William Molesworth (1810-1855), Radical politician associated with John Stuart Mill, co-founder of London Review, editor of Westminster Review [Herman Merivale (1806-1874), civil servant, etc
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Office of Works [London]. 8 December 1853.

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Folded once. Endorsed on reverse of second leaf. At the time of writing Molesworth was serving as First Commissioner of Works in Lord Aberdeen's coalition government. (In the year of his death Aberdeen would appoint him Colonial Secretary.) The letter begins: 'My dear Merivale | Last November I moved for the enclosed return and since then I have spoken to ]Pal?] [i.e. Viscount Palmerston?] about it who promised that it should be made.

autograph letter signed to Rev Robert Cuthbertson and unbound 16mo offprint

William Ewart
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letter: 1p, 16mo, 6 May 1843, London; offprint dated 1846

British free trade politician. Offprint from Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, entitled 'Speech of William Ewart, Esq., M.P., on moving resolutions in favour of education. In the House of Commons, Friday, July 17th, 1846.' Printed by G. Woodfall and Son. In letter apologises for late acknowledgment of his correspondent's. 'I have been almost unable to answer the many letters received by me. | I did not fail duly to present the Petition. And I beg you to assure the Petitioners that I feel honoured by having had the charge of it.' Two items,

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