[ Leopold Hartley Grindon, Manchester botanist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Leo. H. Grindon'), explaining his aims in founding the 'Manchester Field-Naturalists' Society'.

L. H. Grindon [ Leopold Hartley Grindon ] (1818-1904), Lancashire botanist whose collections served as the basis of the Herbarium at Manchester Museum on its foundation in 1860
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20 Cecil Street, Greenheys, Manchester. 17 December 1885.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. The recipient is not named. Grindon's handwriting is difficult and the reading is in parts tentative. The letter begins with a references to 'The Secretary of our “Manchester Field-Naturalists' Society', who appears to have placed a communication from the recipient in Grindon's hands. Grindon agrees to bring the matter 'very distinctly before our members', but explains that there are difficulties. 'Our members reside, almost wholly, in the town, or, if a few miles away, they come into town by train by 9 a.m. Or so, & remain till eve.

Autograph Letter Signed ('H: B: Fielding') from Henry Borron Fielding, inviting the recipient to join the Earl of Burlington, Earl Stanhope and Professor Owen as trustees on presentation of his herbarium and library to London Royal Botanical Society.

Henry Borron Fielding (1805-1851), botanist [Fielding Herbarium, University of Oxford; London Royal Botanical Society; Earl of Burlington; Earl Stanhope; Sir Richard Owen; James De Carl Sowerby]
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Bolton Lodge, Lancaster. 6 January 1842.

2pp., 12mo. 29 lines. Good, on lightly-aged paper, with minor traces of previous mounting, and the annotation '13/19' in a contemporary hand. A significant letter relating to an important collection. Fielding bequeathed his herbarium and botanical library to the University of Oxford where, as the Oxford DNB explains, they formed for many years 'one of the key resources for the study of botany'.

Autograph Note in the third person from the botanist and archaeologist Charles Cardale Babington, thanking 'Miss Barnard' [Alicia Mildred Barnard] for a list of 'plants found near Royston'.

Charles Cardale Babington (1808-1895), botanist and archaeologist [Alicia Mildred Barnard (1825-1911), Norwich botanist; Henry Fordham (1803-1894), botanist]
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St John's College, Cambridge. 25 October 1859.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged paper, with minor traces of glue from mount still adhering. Numbered at head in manuscript. The message reads: 'Mr. Charles C. Babington presents his compliments to Miss Barnard and begs to thank her for the very full list of plants found near Royston which she has so kindly sent to him through the hands of Mr. Fordham.'

A Letter to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone upon a Land Scheme for Ireland.

Charles Baron Clarke (1832-1906), British botanist [William Ewart Gladstone]
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London: Macmillan and Co. 1881.

Octavo: twenty pages. Unbound and stitched. Good, but with outer leaves a little grubby and creased. The word 'rack-rent' on page six has been underlined and three exclamation marks placed beside it in ink. As well as important botanical works, Clarke numbered political economy and education among his interests.

Printed invitation to the 'opening of the Cosmo Melvill Herbarium'.

Publication details: 
31 October 1904; printed by Cuthbertson & Black of Manchester.

Melvill was a noted English botanist (1845-1929). 8vo bifoliate. Four unpaginated pages. In very good condition, with some discolouration from age and remains of stub from previous mounting adhering to verso of second leaf. Decorative vignettes on all four sides. Engraving of Museum on recto of first leaf. 'PROGRAMME' (reception; tea and coffee; address by Sir William Turner Thiselton Dyer; inspection) on verso of first leaf. Description of 'AN EXHIBITION | of | A SERIES OF SPECIMENS | from the Herbarium' on both sides of second leaf.

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