[Second World War ephemera.] Printed card of 'Instructions', headed 'Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence. Knitted Patchwork Covers for Evacuated Children.'

[Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence, London; Second World War evacuees; evacuation; evacuated children]
Publication details: 
[Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence, London. 1939.]

Printed on one side of a piece of 15cm square card. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Four numbered instructions, preceded by: 'There would be a great need for extra bed coverings for children should evacuation ever take place. Suitable covers can be made by sewing together squares knitted up from scraps of wool. They will always be useful even if, as we all hope, they are not needed for their original purpose.' This initiative can be dated from a reference in 'Home & Country' magazine, 1939. Scarce: no copy traced in the Imperial War Museum or elsewhere.

[Printed pamphlet.] Poems from the Diary of a V. A. D. By Carrie Portelly.

Carrie Portelly (1893-1966), V.A.D., of Buckfast, Devon [Voluntary Aid Detachment; field nurse; nursing]
Publication details: 
Printed by Edwin Trim & Co. Ltd. Wimbledon S.W.19. Undated, but individual poems dated between September 1938 and October 1942.

[1] + 38pp., 12mo. Stapled into brown printed wraps, with the title and printer's slug on the cover, which also carries the price of two shillings and sixpence. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Introductory note reads: 'These few pages refer to war-time troubles at home and in hospital, and other people's love laments. C.P.' Unpretentious poetry, giving an insight into the work of a V.A.D.

The Class Nature of the Soviet Union. Two Articles by Leon Trotsky: 'Once Again; the U.S.S.R. and its Defence.' [...] 'The U.S.S.R.; Non-Proletarian and non-Bourgeoise State?' [With anonymous foreword discussing Trotsky's 'political tendency'.]

Leon Trotsky [Trotskyite; W.I.R. Publications; British Communism Party; Communist]
Publication details: 
[Early 1960s.] 'Printed in Swansea by voluntary labour.' Published by W.I.R. Publications, 374, Grays Inn Rd., London W.C.I [cancelled to 'Order from W.I.R. Publications, 197, Kings Cross Road, London, W.C.1.']

Mimeographed and stapled. [i] + iii + 17 pp. Printed on eleven leaves, the first two and last two 26 x 21 cm, and the middle seven leaves 25.5 x 20 cm. Fair, on foxed paper with wear to extremities. It would appear that the leaves of the two articles had been printed previously, and were newly bound up here with the preliminary matter. The first articles is, according to the title 'Taken from "Fourth International", July Aug 1951. (American edition)' and the second 'Taken from "Workers International News", Sept-Oct 1946.

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