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[Second World War ephemera.] Printed card of 'Instructions', headed 'Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence. Knitted Patchwork Covers for Evacuated Children.'

[Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence, London; Second World War evacuees; evacuation; evacuated children]
Publication details: 
[Women's Voluntary Services for Civil Defence, London. 1939.]

Printed on one side of a piece of 15cm square card. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Four numbered instructions, preceded by: 'There would be a great need for extra bed coverings for children should evacuation ever take place. Suitable covers can be made by sewing together squares knitted up from scraps of wool. They will always be useful even if, as we all hope, they are not needed for their original purpose.' This initiative can be dated from a reference in 'Home & Country' magazine, 1939. Scarce: no copy traced in the Imperial War Museum or elsewhere.

Pamphlet titled 'More Food And How To Get It - People's Convention Plan'.

The People's Convention [Denis Noel Pritt; Winston Churchill; the Communist Party of Great Britain]
Publication details: 
Undated, but published in 1941. 'Published by the People's Convention. Napier House, 24 High Holborn, London, W.C.1, and printed by the Marston Printing Co. [...] at Beechwood Works, Beechwood Rise, Watford, Herts.'

12 pp. Complete and clear, on browned high-acidity paper. According to one authority 'The People's Convention (P.C.) began life as the People's Vigilance Committee, set up by the Hammersmith Labour Party and Trades Council in July 1940. The leading figure was Denis Noel Pritt, a recently expelled Labour M.P., but the aims were very much in line with the policies of the Communist Party (C.P.) in that period of the Phoney War.' The Convention met in January 1941 and folded at the end of the year.

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