[Printed pamphlet.] Poems from the Diary of a V. A. D. By Carrie Portelly.

Carrie Portelly (1893-1966), V.A.D., of Buckfast, Devon [Voluntary Aid Detachment; field nurse; nursing]
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Printed by Edwin Trim & Co. Ltd. Wimbledon S.W.19. Undated, but individual poems dated between September 1938 and October 1942.
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[1] + 38pp., 12mo. Stapled into brown printed wraps, with the title and printer's slug on the cover, which also carries the price of two shillings and sixpence. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Introductory note reads: 'These few pages refer to war-time troubles at home and in hospital, and other people's love laments. C.P.' Unpretentious poetry, giving an insight into the work of a V.A.D. See for example the poem 'Hospital Alphabet', beginning 'A for the Ash trays which get in a mess | Our job is to empty them all T.D.S.' A collection of thirty-six poems, containing references to the author's Devon roots, and to her service in Malta. The opening stanza of the poem 'Treatment I' gives an indication of the general standard: 'A dysentery block is my seat of employment | And with a nice Sister my life's an enjoyment | But patients' vitality's surely brought low | By treatment - prescribed by our lady M.O.' Excessively scarce: no copy of this item, nor of anything else by Portelly, on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat.