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[ Sir William Craven of Winwick. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Wil Craven') to the Earl of Craven, describing his efforts 'both in Leicestershire and Darbyshire' to acquire horses 'fitt for your Lords[hi]ps: coach'.

Sir William Craven (1634-1707) of Winwick, Northamptonshire [ William Craven, 1st Earl of Craven (1608-1697), one of its Lord Proprietors of the Colony of Carolina ]
Publication details: 
'Winwick [ in Northamptonshire ] ye 16th: of May 1679'.

1p., 4to. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged paper with the bottom outer corner of both leaves worn (and professionally repaired with paper backing) with consequent loss of text around Craven's signature. The name of the recipient 'Craven' has been partly cut away in the address in Craven's hand on the reverse of the second leaf: 'For the Right Honoble: William Earle of C one of the Lords of His Majtyes: most Honoble: Privy Councel at his house in Drury Lane | London'.

[ East India Company 'Writer's Covenant'. ] Printed indenture, completed in manuscript, bearing the Company's seal under paper, docketed 'Counterpart Covenant of Mr Edward John Harington Writer for Bengal'

[ East India Company, London ] United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East-Indies [ Sir John Edward Harington (1760-1831) of Ridlington, 8th Baronet ]
Publication details: 
United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East-Indies [ East India Company, London ]. 24 [25] January 1812. 'Cox and Son, Printers, Gt. Queen Str.' [ London ].

Printed on one side of a 74 x 52 cm piece of watermarked laid paper. Seal in red wax, under paper, at bottom-right, and two embossed tax stamps at top-left.. Docketed '25th: [sic] January 1812 | Counterpart | Covenant of Mr Edward John Harington Writer for Bengal'. No signatures. A printed document, completed in manuscript. Harington is described (with his Christian names transposed) as 'Edward John Harington of London Gentleman', and his new post given as 'Writer and Covenanter Servant at Fort William in Bengal in the East Indies'.

[ Wolf Van Hemert, Dutch merchant in London. ] Autograph Signature ('Wolfert van Hemert'), as attorney to 'Herman VAnder Keere, & Adriaen Verstolk', to Exchequer receipt.

Wolfert van Hemert [ Wolf Van Hemert ] (1703-1786), Dutch merchant in London [ Herman Vander Keer; Adriaen Verstolk ]
Publication details: 
[ His Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, London. ] 28 September 1765.

1p., 8vo. On aged and worn paper, with damage and loss along one edge (not affecting signature). Set out in the usual way, with printed text completed in manuscript. Begins (with manuscript text in square brackets): 'Annuity for Life, 1746. | Record' [24 Septr. 1765] | Received the [28] Day of [Septr.] 176[5] by me [Wolf Van Hemert Atty to Herman Vander Heere, & Adriaen Verstolk'. Recording a payment of £45 on an annuity. Witness signature of ' Newland'. Van Hemert was born in Amsterdam and is buried in Austin Friars churchyard, London, with a memorial to him inside the church. London.?>

[ The Scholastic Trading Co., Limited. ] Eight numbers of Cedric Chivers' short-lived periodical 'New Book List For Bookbuyers, Librarians and Booksellers', described as 'a Booksellers' CODE BOOK', and a forerunner of the ISBN system.

Cedric Chivers, editor [ The Scholastic Trading Co., Limited, Bristol and Cardiff ]
Publication details: 
The Scholastic Trading Co., Limited, Bridge Street, Bristol, and St. John's Square, Cardiff. Between March 1896 and October 1897.

A short-lived periodical, of interest as a forerunner of the ISBN system: the Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature states that it ran from September 1895 to August 1898, and gives Armistead Cay as joint-editor. The eight numbers are as follows: Vol. 1 No. 2 (March 1896); Vol. 1 No. 7 (August 1896); Vol. 1 No. 8 (September 1896); Vol. 1 No. 9 (October 1896); Vol. 1 No. 11 (December 1896); Vol.1 No. 12 (January 1897); Vol. 2 No. 4 (May 1897); Vol. 2 No. 9 (October 1897). The eight 8vo pamphlets are stapled into printed wraps, and are uniform in design.

[Printed parliamentary paper.] Employment of Children Act Committee. Report of the Departmental Committee on the Employment of Children Act, 1903, appointed by His Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department [H. J. Gladstone].

[Employment of Children Act; British parliamentary report, 1903; House of Commons; child labour; street trading]
Publication details: 
Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of His Majesty. London: Printed for His Majesty's Stationery Office, by Eyre and Spottiswoode, Ltd., Printers to the King's Most Excellent Majesty. [10 September 1910.]

23pp., foolscap 8vo. Stitched. On aged and worn paper, with short closed tear to first leaf at foot of spine. Shelfmarks, stamp and label of the Board of Education Reference Library, London. Purple stamp on reverse of first leaf: '10 SEP 1910'. Divided into three sections: Warrants of Appointment; Majority Report; Minority Report. The 'Majority Report' section under the following main headings: Origin and Course of Inquiry; General Results of the Investigation; Remedies and Recommendations; Summary of Recommendations and Conclusions. A large part of the document discusses 'Street Trading'.

Mimeographed typed stock report from Malayan Traders & Co., Stock & Share Brokers, '6For Private Circulation Only',

Malayan Traders & Co., Stock & Share Brokers, Kuala Lumpur, Federation of Malaya [Malaysia].
Publication details: 
Malayan Traders & Co., Third Floor, Lee Yan Lian Building, Mountbatten Rd., Kuala Lumpur. 'CIRCULAR LETTER No.10/60. 3rd, November, 1960.'

4pp., foolscap 8vo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Sections on Tins, Rubbers, Industrials, Yields; with graph and table. Begins: 'Once more the Malayan shares were overshadowed by the gloom in the rubber market. The rubber price which stood at $1.01 1/2 on October 3, continued to slide until at the end of the month it had reached 88 3/4 cents per pound with the bottom still not in sight.' From the private papers of C. A. A. Nicol (1921-2012), OBE, CPM, AMN, Special Branch, Malayan Union Police Force.

Mimeographed typed Malayan stock market report, 'For Private Circulation Only', from Charles Bradbury & Co. (1930) Ltd, Stock & Share Brokers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya.

[Charles Bradbury & Co. (1930) Ltd., Stock & Share Brokers, Kuala Lumpur, Federation of Malaya [Malaysia]]
Publication details: 
Charles Bradbury & Co. (1930) Ltd. (Members of the Malayan Stock Exchange). Stock & Share Brokers, 28 & 30 Old Market Square, Kuala Lumpur, Federation of Malaya [Malaysia]. 'CIRCULAR LETTER No.7/60 | 30th September, 1960.'

10pp., foolscap 8vo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. Sections on Industrials, Tin, Rubber, Company Reports; with full-page table of 'Market Price of Rubber and Nett Profit per Pound'. Begins: 'September was a strange sort of month - quiet by recent standards with hte market suspended between shade and shien as bearish and bullish-looking clouds scudded across the scene in jumbled sequence leaving investors and speculators confused and cautious.' From the private papers of C. A. A. Nicol (1921-2012), OBE, CPM, AMN, Special Branch, Malayan Union Police Force.

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