[ John Hollingshead, theatrical impresario who brought Gilbert and Sullivan together. ] Autograph Note Signed to 'Teget', i.e. the naturalist W. B. Tegetmeier, inviting him to examine 'The Italian Hercules'.

John Hollingshead (1827-1904), theatrical impresario who brought Gilbert and Sullivan together, manager of the Alhambra and Gaiety theatres [ William Bernhardt Tegetmeier (1816-1912), naturalist ]
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Without date or place. [ Circa 1868? ]

1p., 12mo. On a piece of grey paper. In fair condition, lightly aged, folded, and with minor traces of mount on reverse. Reads: 'Dear Teget: | Come on Friday night by all means. The Italian Hercules is bona fide, as far as I can judge, & I shall be glad to have him examined.' After a career in journalism, Hollingshead managed the Alhambra Theatre, and was later the first manager of the Gaiety. He brought Gilbert and Sullivan together in 1871 to produce their first joint work, a musical extravaganza called Thespis. Tegetmeier was natural history editor of 'The Field'.

[ Thomas [ Tom] Hood, humorist and playwright. ] Autograph Note Signed to 'Teg' [ .B. Tegetmeier, naturalist, member of Savage Club], regarding the songs Elizabeth Philp has sent to the Queen.

[ Thomas Hood ] Tom Hood (1835-1874), humorist and playwright, editor of the magazine Fun, and founder of Tom Hood's Comic Annual [ Elizabeth Philp (1827-1885), singer, music editor and composer ] W
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Without place or date.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, laid down on part of a page from an album. Reads: 'Dear Teg. | Miss Elizabeth Philp has sent a batch of Songs of her own Company to the Queen. Will you kindly interest yourself to get them a notice?'

[ William Bernhardt Tegetmeier, naturalist. ] Secretarial Letter, Signed 'W B Tegetmeier', to Charles Collette, thanking him for his 'friendly reception of me at the Club' [i.e. the Savage Club].

William Bernhardt Tegetmeier (1816-1912), naturalist, friend of Charles Darwin, natural history editor of 'The Field' magazine, London [ Charles Henry Collette (1842-1924), actor ]
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On letterhead of 'The Field', Windsor House, Bream's Buildings, London, E.C. 21 January 1903.

2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with slight damage to second leaf caused by removal from mount. The letter is in a secretarial hand, with Tegetmeier writing the valediction: 'Very sincerely Yours | W B Tegetmeier | C Collette Esq'. He thanks him for his 'exceedingly kind and friendly reception of me at the Club last night', and encloses 'a slip of what I wrote in the Queen, as it may interest you'. He asks to be sent a post card to confirm receipt, 'as I am not quite certain whether you have any letters sent to the Club'.

The Eric Gill Workshops.

Denis Tegetmeier; Laurence Cribb [Eric Gill]
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Pigotts, North Dean, High Wycombe'; 'December 5 | 1940'.

Leaflet. Two pages, 12mo. Tasteful bifolium on cream wove paper. Unbound. Good, though a tad grubby. Gill woodcut (roughly two inches by one and a half) on front: two hands around the front of a large 'V' with rest of word 'Veritas' on stem and cross at head. Apparently numbered in pencil bottom-right of woodcut 579.

Prospectus for an edition of Johnson's 'THE VANITY OF HUMAN WISHES', with sample illustration by Tegetmeier.

Rampant Lions Press [Denis Tegetmeier; Samuel Johnson]
Publication details: 
To be published this summer 1984 by the | RAMPANT LIONS PRESS | 12 Chesterton Road, Cambridge, England'.

Unbound. Large Octavo bifolium on grey wove paper. Good only, with creasing to corners (that would carefully iron out), and some marking to front cover. Title in large gold letters on front, details of edition on versos of both leaves, and specimen page on recto of second leaf. Illustration ('The author | A reproduction of Tegetmeier's frontispiece') on Arches paper (twelve and a half inches by nine wide) loosely inserted, together with printed 'Book order' leaf.

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