[John St Loe Strachey, editor of the Spectator.] Autograph Note Signed ('J. St Loe Strachey') to the Irish nationalist poet and journalist Dora Mary Shorter.

John St Loe Strachery (1860-1927), editor of the Spectator [Dora Mary Shorter [née Sigerson] (1866-1918), poet and Irish nationalist, wife of the journalist Clement King Shorter (1857-1926)]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of The Spectator, 1 Wellington Street, Strand, London, WC. 1 October 1902.

1p., landscape 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-worn paper. Strachey has written 'Mrs. Shorter' in the bottom left-hand corner, but the note is addressed to 'Dear Sir', and corrected by him to 'Madam'. It reads: 'I enclose with many thanks cheque [sic] for your contributions during the past month'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J A Hammerton') to 'My Dear Shorter' [Clement King Shorter (1857-1926)].

Sir John Alexander Hammerton (1871-1949), author and editor of reference works
Publication details: 
6 November 1925; on letterhead of 54 Shepherd's Hill, Highgate, London.

12mo, 2 pp, and 8vo, 1 p. A little grubby and creased, but with text clear and entire. He is sorry that Shorter was not able to visit the Chateaux of the Loire, but hopes that 'the sea air of Dieppe' has done him good. The year before Shorter's death, Hammerton writes: 'But you must really cease this brink-of-the-grave touch! Ten years hence, from an inglenook at Knockmoroon [where Shorter would die], you will wonder why you were anticipating the "closing down" of C.K.S.

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