[John St Loe Strachey, editor of the Spectator.] Autograph Note Signed ('J. St Loe Strachey') to the Irish nationalist poet and journalist Dora Mary Shorter.

John St Loe Strachery (1860-1927), editor of the Spectator [Dora Mary Shorter [née Sigerson] (1866-1918), poet and Irish nationalist, wife of the journalist Clement King Shorter (1857-1926)]
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On letterhead of The Spectator, 1 Wellington Street, Strand, London, WC. 1 October 1902.

1p., landscape 12mo. In fair condition, on aged and lightly-worn paper. Strachey has written 'Mrs. Shorter' in the bottom left-hand corner, but the note is addressed to 'Dear Sir', and corrected by him to 'Madam'. It reads: 'I enclose with many thanks cheque [sic] for your contributions during the past month'.

The signatures of the four musicians on one leaf.

Cedric Sharpe (1891-), cellist and composer; Ethel Hobday (1872-), pianist; Marjorie Hayward, violinist; Dora Stevens, soprano [autographs of British classical musicians]
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Docketed 'Autumn 1924'.

On light-yellow page (roughly 11 x 14 cm) removed from autograph album. Four glue stains showing through from the reverse (not affecting the signatures), otherwise good. Reads 'Dora Stevens | Ethel Hobday | Marjorie Hayward | Cedric Sharpe'. Lightly docketed in pencil.

Typed pages from her 'Chinese Prose Literature of the T'ang Period' (London: Probsthain, 1938), together with a proof slip from the printers.

Evangeline Dora Edwards (1888-1957) [Stephen Austin & Sons, Ltd., Hertford, Herts, publishers]
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Good, on lightly aged paper. Rust stains from paperclips on one leaf. Five pages of typescripts on five quarto leaves. The first page gives the contents, and the rest are covering pages with a few words of instructions (e.g. 'PREFACE | (To be prepared after revising first proofs)' and 'APPENDIX --- Authenticity........ | To follow with Bibliography and Indexes.' The proof slip, printed and with pencil insertions, is one page, on a leaf roughly eight inches by four and a half.

One autograph postcard signed and two autograph letters signed to Clement Shorter

Sir Sidney Low
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Author. The letters total 5 pages, 8vo. He anticipates the publication of his "Governance of Britain", giving his view of the book. He thanks Shorter for as review (presumably in "The Sphere"), expresses admiration for Mrs Shorter's work (Dora Sigerson), discusses public reaction to his "Vision of India". He is thinking of writing a "Vision of Ireland". Three items,

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