[Richard Lestock, Royal Navy Admiral, as 'Commander in Chief of his Majes. Ships going to the Mediterranean'.] Warrant in a secretarial hand, signed 'Richd Lestock', appointing 'Mr. James Sheppard [...] Master of his Majestys Ship the Nassau'.

Richard Lestock (c.1679-1746), Royal Navy Admiral, court-martialled following the Battle of Toulon
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'Dated on board his Majestys Ship Neptune at Sea the Seventh day of December 1741.' [While 'going to the Mediterranean'.]

See Lestock's entry in the Oxford DNB. 1p, 8vo. With seal under paper. On aged and worn paper, with damage to corners caused by detaching the item from the mount to which it was glued. Apart from he signature, the whole warrant is in a secretarial hand. It is headed: 'By Richard Lestock Esqr. Commander in Chief of his Majes. Ships going to the Mediterranean'. Addressed at bottom left: 'To Mr. James Sheppard hereby appointed Master of his Majestys Ship the Nassau'. The body of the warrant consists of nineteen lines of text in the customary form, beginning: 'Mr.

[ Admiral William Parry, Arctic explorer. ] Autograph Note Signed ('W E Parry') to 'Mrs. Martineau' ('Caro' = sister?), explaining why he cannot accept an invitation.

William Parry [ Rear Admiral Sir William Edward Parry, RN, FRS ] (1790-1855), Arctic explorer
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Without place or date.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight loss to one corner. Reads: 'My dear Caro | I cannot go, having an engagement at Greenwich - I will answer for you also. | In haste, | but ever yrs, | W E Parry'. Note: A letter from Parry to "Joseph Martineau, brother-in-law" appears in a Parry archive - perhaps Caro was his sister.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Dudley North') to 'Miss Perkins'.

Admiral Sir Dudley North [Sir Dudley Burton Napier North] (1881-1961), British naval officer
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23 May 1941; on letterhead of Warblington Castle, Havant, Hampshire.

12mo, 3 pp. Good, on lightly-aged paper with small light stain to one edge. He has 'been laid up since the party with what appeared to be much the same brand of whopping cough as that indulged in by my children by the present moment!' He is 'shaking it off now' and is 'delighted to hear that your district has achieved the amount aimed at', and is pleased to have 'helped in a small degree towards it'. Written a few months after North's return home in disgrace, after allowing a French squadron pass the Strait of Gibraltar without harrassment in September 1940.

Autograph Letter Signed ('J. R. Drummond | V Adml | Comr. in Chief') to Sir George Granville Randolph (1818-1907) ('Rear Admiral G. Randolph, C.B.').

Vice Admiral the Hon. James Robert Drummond (1812-1895), Royal Navy, Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean [Victorian; naval and maritime]
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H M S Lord Warden Malta | Feb 23rd. 1874'.

12mo, 2 pp. On Drummond's embossed crested letterhead. Good: on lightly aged paper with corners a little dogeared and slight discoloration along one margin. Small glue stain from previous mounting at foot of reverse (not affecting text). Headed 'General Memo -'. Instructing Randolph 'to conduct all necessary evolutions relative to the exercise of guns, Sails, Boats - small arm | men landing, & Marines - on acting permission for the same from my Flag as he may find conducive to the instruction of the Ships of the Ships herein named of the squadron [five ships named at end of letter]'.

Autograph Letter Signed to William Smith.

Robert Saunders Dundas, 2nd Viscount Melville
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2 July 1820; Wimbledon.

Statesman (1771-1851); First Lord of the Admiralty, 1812-27, after whom Melville Sound was named. Three pages, quarto. Very good if a tad grubby.

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