[John Nicholson, 'The Airedale Poet'.] Original unpublished holograph poem, signed 'John Nicholson', and titled 'An acrostic Written for Mr Lupton Esqre'. With engraved portrait by John Rhodes from John Lucas.

John Nicholson (1790-1843), known as 'The Airedale Poet' and 'The Yorkshire Poet' [Thomas Goff Lupton (1791-1873), engraver?] [John Rhodes, engraver; John Lucas, artist]
Publication details: 
Letter: No place. Dated 20 September 1828. Engraving: Without place or date.

For more on Nicholson, see his entry by James Ogden in the Oxford DNB. LETTER: 1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly aged and creased paper. At foot of page: 'An acrostic Written for Mr Lupton Esqre | Septr 20th 1828 | John Nicholson'. The poem, the first letter of whose lines spell out 'LUPTON' (the engraver Thomas Goff Lupton?), reads: 'Love thy father Love thy God | unto him Give honor who the seas has trod | Pray to him upon thy Knees | To him who form'd the world the seas | Order'd Creation made Eternity | Nature is but a shade compard to Thee'. PORTRAIT: Lithographic engraving.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Thos. Lupton') from the English mezzotint engraver and artist Thomas Lupton [Thomas Goff Lupton] to 'Trench' [Richard Chenevix Trench?], regarding a collection of French autographs brought from Paris by 'Mr. Lucas'.

Thomas Lupton [Thomas Goff Lupton] (1791-1873), English mezzotint engraver and artist [Richard Chenevix Trench (1807-1886), poet and divine]
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4 Keppel Street, London. 15 July 1842.

3pp., 12mo. Good, on lightly-aged paper. A friend of Lupton's 'has just arrived from Paris with a few choice matters, among others is as I understand an extraordinary Collection of Autographs'. Lupton told his friend that Trench was 'no buyer, but from your knowledge of such matters you could advise him'. The autographs 'consist of official documents connected with the Custom House & Police from the time of the first revolution (1790) to the present date, and about a hundred letters'.

Printed programme of a concert by Albert Sammons, 'Assisted by Olive Goff (Soprano) | Gerald Moore (Pianist)', with cover photograph of Sammons signed by him, and containing an advertisement for Columbia New Process Records.

Albert Sammons [Albert Edward Sammons] (1886-1957), English violinist and composer [L. G. Sharpe, Haymarket; Olive Goff, soprano; Gerald Moore, pianist; Columbia New Process Records]
Publication details: 
'Programme and Book of Words SIXPENCE. L. G. SHARPE, 25, Haymarket, S.W.1.' Undated.

8pp., 12mo. On shiny art paper. On aged paper, with the two staples rusted. Sammons has signed over the cover portrait of him by 'Haile, Bognor', 'Sincerely Yrs | Albert Sammons'. Including texts by Mary E. Coleridge, Lord Lytton and Sir Rabindranath Tagore. Central opening carries an advertisement stating that 'ALBERT SAMMONS Records ONLY for COLUMBIA Records', with list of eight 'Recent ALBERT SAMMONS Records'.

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