Printed programme of a concert by Albert Sammons, 'Assisted by Olive Goff (Soprano) | Gerald Moore (Pianist)', with cover photograph of Sammons signed by him, and containing an advertisement for Columbia New Process Records.

Albert Sammons [Albert Edward Sammons] (1886-1957), English violinist and composer [L. G. Sharpe, Haymarket; Olive Goff, soprano; Gerald Moore, pianist; Columbia New Process Records]
Publication details: 
'Programme and Book of Words SIXPENCE. L. G. SHARPE, 25, Haymarket, S.W.1.' Undated.

8pp., 12mo. On shiny art paper. On aged paper, with the two staples rusted. Sammons has signed over the cover portrait of him by 'Haile, Bognor', 'Sincerely Yrs | Albert Sammons'. Including texts by Mary E. Coleridge, Lord Lytton and Sir Rabindranath Tagore. Central opening carries an advertisement stating that 'ALBERT SAMMONS Records ONLY for COLUMBIA Records', with list of eight 'Recent ALBERT SAMMONS Records'.

Typed Letter Signed to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Herbert Sammons [D. Napier & Son]
Publication details: 
22 August 1947; on letterhead of D. Napier & Son Limited, Acton.

Scottish engineer (died 1967), noted for his innovative design of a gas turbine engine. One page, 12mo. Very good. Pinholes to one corner and bearing a date stamp. He is honoured to be nominated as a fellow of the Society, and encloses the proposal and a cheque (neither present), thanking the Council 'for the kind invitation extended to me'. Signed 'H. Sammons'.

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