[John Nicholson, 'The Airedale Poet'.] Original unpublished holograph poem, signed 'John Nicholson', and titled 'An acrostic Written for Mr Lupton Esqre'. With engraved portrait by John Rhodes from John Lucas.

John Nicholson (1790-1843), known as 'The Airedale Poet' and 'The Yorkshire Poet' [Thomas Goff Lupton (1791-1873), engraver?] [John Rhodes, engraver; John Lucas, artist]
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Letter: No place. Dated 20 September 1828. Engraving: Without place or date.
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For more on Nicholson, see his entry by James Ogden in the Oxford DNB. LETTER: 1p., 12mo. In fair condition, on lightly aged and creased paper. At foot of page: 'An acrostic Written for Mr Lupton Esqre | Septr 20th 1828 | John Nicholson'. The poem, the first letter of whose lines spell out 'LUPTON' (the engraver Thomas Goff Lupton?), reads: 'Love thy father Love thy God | unto him Give honor who the seas has trod | Pray to him upon thy Knees | To him who form'd the world the seas | Order'd Creation made Eternity | Nature is but a shade compard to Thee'. PORTRAIT: Lithographic engraving. Without date or place. Cut down. Aged and spotted, with vertical crease. Captioned with facsimile of Nicholson's signature, and the words 'The Yorkshire Poet'.