[Bawa Daswanda Singh commends Sir William Birdwood to the Viceroy Lord Irwin.] 'True Copy' of curious Typed Letter from Singh to Irwin, in English, enthusiastically endorsing Birdwood, with long original Autograph Note Signed from Singh to Birdwood.

Bawa Daswanda Singh of Montgomery, Punjab [Edward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax [Lord Irwin] (1881-1959), Viceroy of India, 1926-1931; Sir William Birdwood (1865-1951), Commander in Chief, India]
Publication details: 
Montgomery, Punjab. 20 November 1930.

6pp., foolscap 8vo, on six leaves. Mimeographed document. In good condition, lightly aged. Addressed to 'The Right Hon'ble | His Excellency Lord Irwin, | the most distinguished and best Viceroy, India ever had, true, sincere and the best friend of India'. The margins of the first page are filled with an original autograph note, signed twice by 'Bawa Daswanda Singh, Sardar Sahib, Retired P.E.S. Montgomery (Punjab)', and addressed to 'Our most respected & most beloved your Excellency F.M. Sir Wm. Birdwood C-in-C in India'. He asks him to read and acknowledge 'this humble note of mine to H.E.

[ The Gouzenko Affair, Canada, 1945; start of Cold War ] Typed contemporary document titled 'The Story of Igor Gouzenko', with covering note referring to 'Mr. Birdwood'.

The Gouzenko Affair, Canada, 1945, and The Kellock–Taschereau Commission, 1946 [ Christopher Bromhead Birdwood (1899-1962), 2nd Baron Birdwood? ]
Publication details: 
Without place or date. [ London? Circa 1947. ]

[2] + 17pp, 8vo. Lacking the conclusion (one page). On seventeen leaves of paper stapled together, with covering typed note on slip, reading 'PLEASE RETURN TO MR. BIRDWOOD'. The covering leaf carries two sets of initials, one in pencil and one in ink, both ticked through. This may suggest official distribution, but the tone of the document makes it more likely to have been a personal statement, presumably by Birdwood. Aged and worn, with rusting to staples.

[ Sir George Birdwood, Anglo-Indian naturalist. ] 14 Autograph Letters Signed (12 of them 'George Birdwood') to H. B. Wheatley and Sir Henry Trueman Wood of the Royal Society of Arts, with reference to Sir William Lee-Warner and Sir Thomas Holdich.

Sir George Birdwood [ Sir George Christopher Molesworth Birdwood ] (1832-1917), Anglo-Indian naturalist, colonial official and author [ Sir Henry Trueman Wood; H. B. Wheatley; Royal Society of Arts ]
Publication details: 
Five letters from 1901, four of them on letterhead of the India Office, Whitehall; one from 33 Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill. Nine letters from 1913, all from 5 Windsor Road, Ealing.

The 14 letters total 72pp. The collection is in good condition, lightly aged. Most items docketed and with the Society's stamp. The correspondence relates to Society business, from a strongly Anglo-Indian viewpoint. Letters of 26 May and 2 June 1913 are each 12pp. Long, and concern the relative merits of Indian colonial official Sir William Lee-Warner (1846-1914) and the geographer Sir Thomas Holdich (1843-1929), to be chairman of the Society.

[ Herbert Mills Birdwood, Anglo-Indian botanist. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'H. Birdwood') to H. B. Wheatley of the Royal Society of Arts

Herbert Mills Birdwood (1837-1907), Anglo-Indian botanist and jurist [ H. B. Wheatley [ Henry Benjamin Wheatley ] (1838-1917), Assistant Secretary, Royal Society of Arts ]
Publication details: 
Both from Dalkeith House, Cambridge Park, Twickenham (one on letterhead). 25 January and 12 June 1901.

Both items in good condition, on grey-paper bifoliums, the first with the Society's stamp and both docketed. ONE: 25 January 1901. 1p., 12mo. Concerning the binding up of his copies of the Society's journal, and the supply of missing parts. TWO: 12 June 1901. 3pp., 12mo. Concerning his 'promised letter' for 'Friday's Journal': 'I cannot hope to have a proof sent me, but if you accept the letter & should be correcting a proof yourself & would, when ordering a proof, order a spare copy for me to see at your office, I shd. be greatly obliged & wd. call in tomorrow afternoon to look through it'.

[Brigadier Hector Campbell, Indian Army.] Collection of papers, including correspondence, original photographs, printed pamphlets and ephemera, relating to his career in Queen Victoria's Own Corps of Guides.

Brigadier Hector Campbell (1877-1972), Colonel Queen Victoria’s Own Corps of Guides (Cavalry and Infantry) [Frontier Force, British Army, India; William Birdwood]
Publication details: 
Much of the material from Mardan, India [now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan]. Also London and other locations. Dating from between 1903 and 1957.

On Campbell's death in 1972 The Times reported that 'a link with the Indian Army from its inception to the current day has been broken' (19 April 1972). The present collection of Campbell's papers provides an insight into that vanished world. Hector Campbell was educated at Haileybury College and Sandhurst.

Autograph Note Signed ('George Birdwood') of the British colonial administrator in India, George Birdwood, informing the recipient that he is sending the addresses of various individuals.

Sir George Birdwood [Sir George Christopher Molesworth Birdwood] (1832-1917), British colonial administrator in India, naturalist and author
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the India Office, Whitehall. 19 June [no year].

2pp., 12mo. In fair condition, on aged paper with light staining (affecting the signature). In a difficult hand. He is sending 'the addresses of the friends & relatives of the <?> Brownes, Bunny, & Cassidy', but 'cannot get those of <?> or Higginson'.

Autograph Letter Signed from Sir George Birdwood ['George Birdwood'], a reference for William Martin Wood, editor of The Times of India, in his application to become Examiner in Political Economy at University College London.

Sir George Birdwood [Sir George Christopher Molesworth Birdwood] (1832-1917), English administrator in India [William Martin Wood, editor of The Times of India; University College London]
Publication details: 
19 March 1887; No 7 Apsley Terrace, Acton.

12mo, 4 pp. Bifolium. 47 lines. Text clear and complete. Good, on lightly-aged paper. As 'an intimate personal friend from 1865', Birdwood endorses Wood's application, stating that he was 'a frequent Examiner in political economy for Bombay University' between 1874 and 1880. He explains that Bombay University took in 'the greatest interest' in the subject, and 'always endeavoured to secure the best qualified examiners, - having the whole Civil Service, beside the Educational Department to select from', and that they 'always preferred' Wood.

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