[ Association Football: Scotland v Wales, Aberdeen 1934. ] The Autographs of 13 members of the Scottish team, with trainer Donald Colman, and 13 members of the Welsh team.

[ Association Football: Scotland v Wales, 1934 ]
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'Nov. 1934 at Aberdeen.' [ Scotland ]

The game was played on 21 November 1934 at Pittodrie, Scotland winning 3-2. 2pp., 12mo. on two leaves removed from an autograph album. Each team's autographs on a separate page. Both leaves in good condition, lightly-aged. ONE: On page headed 'Scotland Team', carries 14 autographs: 'C Napier [Charlie Napier (1910-1973), Celtic] | Alex Massie [ (1906-1977), Hearts] | | Pr.

[ The Club Cricket Conference, London, printed annual. ] Cricket Clubs' Annual, 1934 and English Secretarial Directory. The Official Annual Handbook of The Club Cricket Conference.

E. A. C. Thomson, editor [ The Club Cricket Conference, London ]
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Eighteenth Edition. 1934. Published by The Club Cricket Conference, At 12 Devas Road, London, S.W.20.

[ii] + 333 pp., 12mo. In yellow card covers, printed in green and red. A note on p.58 explains that the volume contains 'a large number of Advertisements of leading Houses, who cater for all kinds of Sport.

[ Double Crown Club keepsake. ] 'Bill of Fare' for dinner at the Cafe Royal (chaired by John Johnson with a paper by James Guthrie), featuring a facsimile score for 'Grace after Meat | A new round' by Daniel George and Hubert Foss.

The Double Crown Club; John de Monins Johnson (1882-1956), Oxford University Press printer; James Guthrie; Duncan Williams; Daniel George; Hubert Foss
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Pencil note stating that the item is for a dinner at the Café Royal, 7 March 1934.

16 x 20 cm booklet, consisting of a bifolium stitched with black green thread into covers of thicker paper. In fair condition, aged and worn, with remains of clear plastic front covering. On the front cover is a heavily-inked art photograph superimposing an image of a musical score over the edges of an fanned-out signature. On the inside of the back cover is a facsimile of a calligraphic inscription in Latin, in Renaissance style. The inner contents consists of two facsimiles.

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