[ Double Crown Club keepsake. ] 'Bill of Fare' for dinner at the Cafe Royal (chaired by John Johnson with a paper by James Guthrie), featuring a facsimile score for 'Grace after Meat | A new round' by Daniel George and Hubert Foss.

The Double Crown Club; John de Monins Johnson (1882-1956), Oxford University Press printer; James Guthrie; Duncan Williams; Daniel George; Hubert Foss
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Pencil note stating that the item is for a dinner at the Café Royal, 7 March 1934.
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16 x 20 cm booklet, consisting of a bifolium stitched with black green thread into covers of thicker paper. In fair condition, aged and worn, with remains of clear plastic front covering. On the front cover is a heavily-inked art photograph superimposing an image of a musical score over the edges of an fanned-out signature. On the inside of the back cover is a facsimile of a calligraphic inscription in Latin, in Renaissance style. The inner contents consists of two facsimiles. The first, on the recto of the first leaf, consists of the 'Bill of Fare' written out in similar style as the inscription on the back cover. At foot: 'Chairman Dr John Johnson | Mr James Guthrie will read a paper on | "THE HAND PRINTER AND HIS WORK"'. On the recto of the second leaf is the score, headed 'Grace after Meat | A new round to be sung by Double Crown Club Members together'. Printed on strip of paper loosely inserted: 'THE WORDS OF THE ROUND BY DANIEL GEORGE . MUSIC BY HUBERT FOSS'. The name label of Duncan Williams, written out calligraphically in black ink within red rules on a slip of paper, is loosely inserted.