[ Frederick Marquis, 1st Earl of Woolton. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Woolton') to K. W. Luckhurst, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, declining to take the chair at a meeting.

Frederick James Marquis (1883-1964), 1st Earl of Woolton, Conservative politician [ K. W. Luckhurst, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, London ]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 68 Brook Street, London, W.1. 8 December 1948.

1p., 8vo. In good condition, with hole from paperclip at top left, and small rust spot to left-hand margin. Woolton's signature has been underlined by Luckhurst in red pencil. He thanks him for the invitation to take the chair 'at the meeting of the Society on Wednesday, 19th January, when Mr. Gray is reading a paper on "The Industrial Designer and Consumer Goods", but must decline, as he is 'already engaged for the whole of that day'.

Typed Letter Signed ('Woolton') from Lord Woolton [Frederick James Marquis, 1st Earl of Woolton] to fellow Labour politician Lord Chorley [Robert Samuel Theodore Chorley], contesting figures given by him in a House of Lords speech on education.

Frederick James Marquis (1883-1964), 1st Earl of Woolton [Lord Woolton], businessman and Labour politician [Robert Samuel Theodore Chorley (1895-1978), 1st Baron Chorley; Ministry of Education]
Publication details: 
On his letterhead as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Treasury Chambers, Great George Street, SW1. 21 February 1955.

2pp., 4to. 46 lines. Fair, on lightly-aged paper. He begins: 'Since you spoke in the Education Debate in the House of Lords on the 9th February I have been meaning to take up with you a controversial point to which I did not refer in reply since you were not in the House.' He quotes a passage in which Chorley 'dealt with University students', giving detailed reasons for contesting his 'figures about awards'.

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