[Sir Henry Irving, illustrious Victorian actor-manager.] Autograph Signature ('Henry Irving:') on printed circular invitation to act as stewerd at the Annual Dinner of The Actors' Benevolent Fund, made out by Irving to the novelist Hall Caine.

Sir Henry Irving [John Henry Brodribb] (1838-1905), illustrious Victorian actor-manager [Hall Caine, novelist]; Artists' Benevolent Fund
Publication details: 
Lyceum Theatre [London], 29 April 1891.

1p., 4to. On bifolium. Aged and worn, with small spots at head and foot. Irving's signature is firm and bold. The only other words in his autograph are 'Dear Hall Caine', but there is slight offsetting of other writing by Irving on the blank second leaf. The circular is an invitation to be 'placed on the list of Stewards on the occasion of the Annual Dinner of "The Actors' Benevolent Fund," of which I am the President'. Irving will be in the chair, and the dinner will take place at the Whitehall Rooms, Hotel Metropole.

[Hall Caine, novelist: studio portrait and signed autograph inscription.] Signed Autograph Inscription ('Hall Caine') to Lady Campbell Clarke, with print of studio portrait photograph.

Hall Caine [Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine] (1853-1931), popular Isle of Man author [Lady Campbell Clarke]
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No place. 9 November 1905.

An attractive item, in good condition, lightly aged and spotted. On one side of a piece of 17.5 x 25 cm landscape paper, with the autograph writing on the right-hand side and the 15 x 10 cm print of a studio portrait laid down on the left-hand side. Caine was a striking and instantly-recognisable individual, and the photograph shows him in characteristic style, bare-headed in his usual dress of long double-breasted coat with white cravat, staring intently at the camera, with a book in his right hand, and his right hand draped across his left thigh, his left leg being elevated on a chair.

The theatre director's copy of a bound typescript of a provincial production of ' "DRACULA" Adapted from Bram Stoker's world famous novel by REED KENT'. With manuscript emendations and additions, including stage plan.

Reed Kent (pseudonym?) [Bram Stoker; Dracula; Michael Macdona, theatre producer]
Publication details: 
Macdona Productions Ltd, 34 Danbury Street, London. [Performed (in the nineteen-seventies?) at Bognor and Clacton.]

Dimensions 25 x 20 cm: [ii] + 87 pp, all on rectos. Bound in stained yellow wraps, with black tape spine. Well-thumbed, but in fair condition internally, tight, clear and complete. The names of the eight actors are added in pencil in the list of characters. In the first six cases only the christian names are given ('Dracula' is given as 'Alan'), but 'Professor Abraham van Helsing' is played by Andrew Turner, and 'Lucy Westenra' by Jannina Tredwell (who featured in a 1974 revival of the musical 'Hair').

The autographs of the four members of the Gresham Singers.

The Gresham Singers; Hatherley Clarke; Charles Flinn; Greeves Johnson; Leonard Salisbury; Arnold Stoker [English musicians' autographs]
Publication details: 
17 August 1923; Eastbourne.

On a leaf (roughly 11 x 17 cm) removed from an autograph album. Good, on lightly spotted paper. Reads 'All good wishes from The Gresham Singers | 17 Aug. 1923 | Eastbourne | Hatherley Clarke | Charles Flinn | Greeves Johnson | Leonard Salisbury'. Signature of 'Arnold Stoker | 7/3/1919' on reverse. Stoker was winner of the Guildhall Gold Medal in 1919.

"Whitby. / List of £100 Freeholders"

Publication details: 

Five pages, folio, folded, good condition. A list of 141 names and addresses, a few with a line through, ticks or crosses at the side of many, and the letters "C" or "L". Names include the Marquis of Normandy, the Earl of Zetland, Vicars, women (inc. "The Hon. Miss Dawney") and others (no celebrity as far as I can judge). Addresses usually Whitby or close.

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