[Wilma Neruda, Moravian violinist, wife of Sir Charles Hallé.] Autograph Signature: 'Wilma Norman Neruda'.

Wilma Neruda, Lady Hallé [born Wilhelmine Maria Franziska Neruda] (1838-1911), Moravian violinist, successively wife of Swedish composer Ludvig Norman, and Anglo-German conductor Sir Charles Hallé
Publication details: 
Without place or date [before her marriage to Hallé in 1888].

On 10 x 15 cm piece of laid paper. Simply a bold signature, underlined, with no other text, clearly given in response to a request for an autograph. In good condition, lightly aged.

Photographic Portrait, with Autograph Signature.

Maria Jeritza [born Maria Jedlicková] (1887-1982), soprano singer nicknamed 'the Moravian Thunderbolt', associated with the Vienna State Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera of New York
Publication details: 

The sepia photograph, 11 x 4 cm, is a full-length shot of a radiant Jeritza, posing stylishly in Grecian décolleté dress and sandals. It is neatly mounted in the top left-hand corner of a leaf of cream paper (24 x 20 cm) removed from an album. The whole attractive and in good condition. In a large, bold hand Jeritza has written, diagonally across the paper and upwards towards the photograph, 'With best wishes | [signed] Maria Jeritza | 1923.'

Autograph Letter Signed to Joseph Procter.

John Clayton, junior (1780-1865), Minister of Poultry Chapel, London
Publication details: 
29 December 1826; Devonshire Square.

Four pages, 12mo. Very good, with strip of brown paper adhering at the head. Text clear and entire. A long letter, casting light on the effects on the English middle classes of the financial crisis of 1825. Clayton begins by thanking Procter for the 'card case'. He 'will gladly do any thing that may fall within [his] power, to assist the Associate Fund', but does not think that he can 'do much'. 'The times are such, that Cases of <?> distress so multiply in our different communities, as to swallow up a large proportion of our pecuniary means'.

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