Autograph Letter Signed to Joseph Procter.

John Clayton, junior (1780-1865), Minister of Poultry Chapel, London
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29 December 1826; Devonshire Square.
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Four pages, 12mo. Very good, with strip of brown paper adhering at the head. Text clear and entire. A long letter, casting light on the effects on the English middle classes of the financial crisis of 1825. Clayton begins by thanking Procter for the 'card case'. He 'will gladly do any thing that may fall within [his] power, to assist the Associate Fund', but does not think that he can 'do much'. 'The times are such, that Cases of <?> distress so multiply in our different communities, as to swallow up a large proportion of our pecuniary means'. 'Within the past few days, I have received applications for Collections at the Poultry, from the Highbury college - the Moravian Association - the Home Miss[ionar]y Society - the Porteussian [sic] Bible Society, the Continental Society - the Spital fields Society and the Associate Fund.' He has also been visited by 'Mr Webb brother of the late Joshua Webb - Mr Herbert Ryland, Son of Mr Ryland of Savage Gardens - and two other Gentlemen who are trying to raise 280£ to get a minister out of Debt - all on begging errands; so that I am really overwhelmed'. In another paragraph Clayton explains that his 'rich friends' are 'over burdened by poor Relatives and broken down friends'.