Printed card of Richard Tuckey, Wine & Spirit Merchant, High Street, Fareham, advertising 'Wines' and 'Genuine Spirits'.

[Richard Tuckey, Wine & Spirit Merchant, High Street, Fareham] [fine wines]
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[Richard Tuckey, Wine & Spirit Merchant, High Street, Fareham.] Undated [1820s].

An attractive example of provincial printing, in letterpress on one side of piece of 9 x 6 cm card. Headed: 'RICHARD TUCKEY, | WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, | High Street, | FAREHAM.' Giving prices in shillings and pence for four Wines (Fine old Port; Sherry; Maderia [sic]; White Cape) and six 'Genuine Spirits' (Cognac, Fine old; Jamaica Rum, old and soft; English Geneva; Hollands ditto. pure white; Porter; Cyder). Printed in roman, with four words in black letter ('FAREHAM', 'Wines' and 'Genuine Spirits') and two words in italic ('High Street,').

Engraved receipt of C. Bertram & Son, Importers of Wines and Spirits, No. 162, New Bond Street, London, listing twenty-six types of wine and spirit.

[C. Bertram & Son, Importers of Wines and Spirits, No. 162, New Bond Street, London]
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[C. Bertram & Son, Importers of Wines and Spirits, No. 162, New Bond Street, London.] Undated [1820s].

1p., 4to. On thin paper. In good condition, lightly-aged, and laid down on a piece of card. The receipt has not been filled in in any way. Beneath the decorative letterhead are the 26 categories, in copperplate: Port; E. J. Madeira; W. J. Madeira; Malmsey Madeira; Cape Madeira; Bucellas; Lisbon; Teneriffe; Sherry; Mountain; Calcavella; Hock; Moselle; Hermitage; Burgundy; Claret; Sauterne; Champagne; Vin de Grave; Barsac; Frontigniac; Constantia White & Red; Brandy Cognac; Rum Jama.; Hollands; Shrub.

Two Signed Manuscript Legal Agreements with Sir Herbert Hay Langham, the first by the fraudster Walter Hastings Coward, the second by James Donaldson, regarding prospecting on the island of Madeira for 'Mines or Deposits of Chromium or Chrome Ore'.

Sir Herbert Hay Langham (1840-1909); Walter Hastings Coward; James Donaldson; William Lattey, London solicitor [chromium and chrome ore mining in the island of Madeira; prospecting]
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The agreement with Coward dated 31 October 1892; drawn up by Henry Lattey, 24 Cornhill, E.C., London. The agreement with Donaldson dated 26 July 1895.

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Neither is signed by Langham. ONE: Agreement with Coward, 1892. 1p., foolscap 8vo. On vellum paper with red embossed tax stamp. 'I Walter Hastings Coward hereby bind myself to disclose to Herbert Hay Langham all Chrome Ore or Chromium Mine that I may discover or otherwise acquire any right or share to or that I may have at present discovered or otherwise have acquired any right or share in the Island of Madeira'.

A collection of photographs and other ephemera.

Commercial Cable Company, Madeira.
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Madeira, c.1903.

More than 60 photographs of various sizes from 2 x 2" to 10 x 8", of the staff and cable station (interior, inclduing equipment, and exterior) at Fayal on Madeira. One photograph is dated 1903. WITH: related ephemera (non-telegraphic). The collection,

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