[Leaflets on Social Hygiene No. 1.] Television. A Problem of Physical & Psychological Health by Dr. Walther Buchler and Dr. Norbert Glas.

Dr. Walther Buehler and Dr. Norbert Glas [Leaflets on Social Hygiene; Television and Radio]
Publication details: 
Education and Science Publications, Stroud, Gloucestershire. [1962.] [Printed by Gloucester Printers Ltd., Blackfriars Press, Ladybellegate Street, Gloucester.]

8pp., 12mo. Fair, on aged paper, with small ink blot at head (not affecting text) and dogeared final leaf. The item deals with six aspects of the problem: 'The Child before the Television Screen'; 'General Damages and Dangers'; 'Atomising of the Soul'; 'The Nature of the Human Eye'; 'Injury of Other Senses'; 'A Problem of the Human Being'. It concludes: 'These leaflets are translated and issed by courtesy of the Verein zur Förderung eines erweiterten Heilwesens, of Stuttgart, with whom this new impulse in social hygiene originates.

Regulations for the Entry and Examination of Naval Cadets.

Examination of Naval Cadets, Admiralty, 1865 [Royal Navy]
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Admiralty, 6th February, 1865. [Printed by 'W. Woodward, The Hard, Portsea.']

Printed on one side of a piece of grey paper, 22.5 x 16 cm. Text clear and complete. In fair condition: lightly-aged and with remains of stub adhering to the blank reverse, on which a clean closed tear has been unobtrusively repaired with archival tape. Nine regulations are listed, from 'I. No Person will be nominated to a Cadetship in the Royal Navy, who shall be under 12 or above 14 years of age at the time of his first Examination.' to 'IX. After having completed twelve months' instruction, exclusive of vacations, in the Training Ship, a Cadet will have to undergo the final examination.

Seven original aerial propaganda leaflets dropped by Bomber Command (six over Germany; one over France), 1939-1945; with copies of a further two (in German). All nine items with accompanying contemporary typewritten translations by W. A. Green.

British propaganda leaflets dropped on Germany and France by Bomber Command, 1939-1945 [World War Two; Psywar; Political Warfare Executive]
Publication details: 
1939 to 1945.

Seven scarce examples of English Second World War propaganda, six aimed at Germany and the last at France. Ephemeral and scarce. The seven are clear and complete, on lightly-aged paper with occasional minor rust spotting. Each consists of two pages printed on a leaf 21 x 13.5 cm, except for Five, the dimensions of which are 21 x 13 cm. Five (red and black) is the only item not printed simply in black and white. All seven in German, except Seven, which is in French. All translations in typescript and on A4 leaves.

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