[Royal Military College, Lanvers, Perthshire.] Printed circular letter from the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, regarding cadets 'incurring Debts with Tradesmen'. Addressed in manuscript to H. G. Watson, concerning his ward D. R. Williamson.

[Royal Military College, Sandhurst; H. G. Watson of Edinburgh; Cadet D. R. Williamson]
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Royal Military College [Sandhurst]. 9 June 1845.

1p., 4to. On bifolium. Addressed on reverse of second leaf to 'H. G. Watson Esqr. | 13 St. Andrew's Square | Edinburgh', with three postmarks, and docketted 'Lawers | Military College 9 June 1845. | Tradesmens Bills'. In good condition, on aged and worn paper, with a few closed tears. The signature is illegible, but does not appear to be that of the Governor, General Sir George Scovell.

Manuscript of the United States Corps of Cadets anthem 'Benny Havens, Oh!', dated 'As sung by the U.S. Corps Cadets | 1864'. With explanatory introduction in manuscript, and with the '22nd. verse written at the beginning of the [American Civil] war'.

Lieutenant Lucius O'Brien; Ripley Allen Arnold (1817-1853) [Corps of Cadets, United States Military Academy, West Point; Benny Havens (c.1787-1877)]
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[On West Point letterheads?] 1864.

8pp., 12mo. On four bifoliums, placed inside one another to make a booklet. Each bifolium with embossed [West Point?] letterhead of a letter 'W' within a shield. A fair copy, with the title reading: 'Benny Havens, Oh! | as sung | by the | U.S. Corps Cadets - | 1864.' The twenty-two line introduction covers the whole of the second page.

Regulations for the Entry and Examination of Naval Cadets.

Examination of Naval Cadets, Admiralty, 1865 [Royal Navy]
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Admiralty, 6th February, 1865. [Printed by 'W. Woodward, The Hard, Portsea.']

Printed on one side of a piece of grey paper, 22.5 x 16 cm. Text clear and complete. In fair condition: lightly-aged and with remains of stub adhering to the blank reverse, on which a clean closed tear has been unobtrusively repaired with archival tape. Nine regulations are listed, from 'I. No Person will be nominated to a Cadetship in the Royal Navy, who shall be under 12 or above 14 years of age at the time of his first Examination.' to 'IX. After having completed twelve months' instruction, exclusive of vacations, in the Training Ship, a Cadet will have to undergo the final examination.

Printed 'Regulations for the Admission of Gentlemen Cadets into the Royal Military College, near Bagshot. January 1st, 1852.' With one other printed item and four manuscript items relating to John Miller Dickson's attempt to join the British army.

William Dickson; John Miller Dickson; General Henry Shadforth [Royal Military College, Bagshot; British army; military history]
Publication details: 
The printed 'Regulations' 1852; the other printed item is dated 1851; the four manuscript items between 1852 and 1854.

The collection is in good condition, with occasional light creasing. The 'Regulations' ('ON HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE') consist of four pages printed on a folio bifolium. The other printed item, in facsimile handwriting, dated '15.11.51' (and dated in manuscript 'Horse Guards 1st.

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