[Sir William Henry Preece, electrical engineer to the Post Office system.] Autograph Letter Signed and Autograph Note Signed (both 'W. H Preece') to Clement Hoult.

Sir William Henry Preece (1834-1913), electrical engineer and inventor, a student of Faraday, electrican to the Post Office system [Clement Hoult, Wolverhampton accountant]
Publication details: 
The letter on letterhead of 8 Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, S.W. [London] 24 April 1902. The note on letterhead of Gothic Lodge, Wimbledon Common. 30 April 1902.

Both items in good condition, on lightly aged paper. LETTER: 2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He begins by informing him when he will be arriving in Wolverhampton from Euston, adding that he will be 'very glad' to see Hoult 'and the Chairman at the R[ailway]. S[tation].' He 'will have to go direct to the Agricultural Hall to give directions to my men what to do. Kerr comes down later.' He concludes in the hope that 'Mr Hook from Birmingham will come early also'. NOTE: 1p., 16mo. Mourning border. 'I have not seen a report of my address. Was it printed?'

12 Typed Letters Signed (all 'W Barnard Faraday') to Sir Henry Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, and his colleague G. K. Menzies.

Wilfred Barnard Faraday (1874-1953), economist and aeronautics expert [Royal Aeronautical Society of Great Britain]
Publication details: 
3 February 1917 to 11 October 1918; all but two on letterheads of the Royal Aeronautical Society of Great Britain.

One of the letters is 4to, 2 pp; ten are 4to, 1 p; and one is foolscap, 1 p. The collection is in good condition, on lightly aged paper. Many of the letters are docketed and most bear the Society's dated stamp. Written in the capacity of Secretary of the Aeronautical Society, and editor of its 'Official Organ - The Aeronautical Journal'. Topics include the hiring of the Royal Society's hall for two series of talks to the Aeronautical Society. Faraday also discusses the details of a lecture by 'Mr.

Faraday Number. Faraday Celebrations 1931 [...] Faraday Centenary Exhibition, Royal Albert Hall [...].

The Times of London [Michael Faraday; Clifford Webb; Lord Rutherford; General Electric Company; Siemens; Mullard Wireless Service Co.]
Publication details: 
London: Monday, 21 September 1931.

Broadsheet. Twenty-two pages. On browned high-acidity paper, with slight wear and loss to extremities and along central horizontal fold. Attractive full-page illustration cover illustration by Clifford Webb. Articles include 'Telegraphy and telephony. From Morse apparatus to the teleprinter. World-wide conversation.' by Colonel Sir Thomas Purves, and 'Generation of Electricity. Supremacy of the steam turbine. Economy of space and fuel.' by Robert H. Parsons. Also 'The making of a natural philospher. Heredity and environment.

Twelve Typed Letters Signed to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Percy Dunsheath
Publication details: 
Between 28 October 1925 and 30 June 1926; all on letterhead 'W. T. HENLEY'S TELEGRAPH WORKS COMPANY, LIMITED. | RESEARCH DEPARTMENT. | Gravesend, | Kent.'

English electrical engineer and research scientist and writer (1886-1979), Member of the Senate, University of London. All items one page, quarto. All but one very good; one item discoloured and creased at head, and with several closed tears. All signed 'P Dunsheath' and most docketed or bearing the Society's stamp. The letters concern a lecture at the Society Dunsheath agreed to give following a conversation with Sir George Sutton entitled 'Science in the Cable Industry'. Dunsheath suggests that L. B.

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