[ Wilhelm Ganz, German-born London conductor. ] Autograph signature.

Wilhelm Ganz (1833-1914), German-born conductor, pianist, organist, violinist, and composer
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Place and date not stated.

On 5.5 x 11 cm. slip of paper taken from letter. In fair condition, lightly aged. Closely-cropped, with the lower part of the final flourish of the 'z' in Ganz's name shaved off. Ganz established himself as accompanist to singers including Jenny Lind and Adelina Patti. He became sole conductor of rthe concerts of Henry Wylde's New Philharmonic Society orchestra in 1879, renaming them the following year 'Mr. Ganz's Orchestral Concerts'. He conducted the London premieres of Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique and Liszt's Dante symphony.

[ Buckingham Palace concert programme. ] Printed programme for a concert by 'Mesd[am]es Adelina Patti, Kellogg & Trebelli' and others, conducted by 'Mr. W. G. Cusins', featuring music by Liszt, Wagner and Max Bruch.

Sir William George Cusins (1833-1893); Adelina Patti; Clara Kellogg; Zelia Trebelli-Bettini; Buckingham Palace; Ortner & Houle, 3 St James's Street, London printers
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'Monday Evening, 16th June, 1879.' Ortner & Houle, 3 St James's Street, London SW.

Printed on one side of a piece of 4to paper, with thick embossed decorative border in imitation of lace. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with closed tears to frail border. Royal crest at head printed in gold and other colours and also embossed. Headed: 'BUCKINGHAM PALACE. | MONDAY EVENING, 16th. JUNE, 1879.' Fourteen pieces are listed, by Mendelssohn, Liszt, Wagner (2), Gounod (2), Bizet, Max Bruch, Rossini (2), Ambroise Thomas, Massenet, Schumann and Cimarosa. Apart from Patti, Kellogg and Trebelli, the performers are 'Herr Henschel', 'Mr. W. H.

Autograph Signature ('Frank Barrington Foote').

Francis Barrington Foote [Frank Barrington Foote] (born c.1850; fl. 1911), English singer
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On piece of laid paper (roughly 13 x 11 cm). Aged and chipped. Reads 'Yours truly | Frank Barrington Foote'. Chipping to the outer edge, very close to the last couple of letters of the signature. Foote, who frequently sang with Adelina Patti at Covent Garden, ended his days destitute in New York City.

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