[Shahjahanpur in the Indian Mutiny, 1857.] Duplicated Bound Typescript by 'C. L. W.' of Banda, titled 'A Memoir of Shajahanpur'. With large cloth-backed map of 'Shahajahanpur [sic] City'.

'C. L. W.' [Shahjahanpur in the Indian Mutiny, 1857; Ahmadullah Shah (1787-1858), known as Maulavi of Faizabad, a leader of the Indian Rebellion; Sir Colin Campbell [Lord Clyde] (1792-1863)]
Publication details: 
Preface dated from 'Banda [now in Uttar Pradesh, India] October 1925.' Map by 'Photo Litho Department | K. G. O. Bengal S. & M. Roorkee.'; undated, but with '117 - 7-3-36', suggesting it was printed 7 March 1936.

In addition to the usual sources see the paper by Iqbal Husain in 'Proceedings of the Indian History Congress': 'The 1857 Rebellion in Shahjahanpur: Role of the Local Gentry' (1988). The only one other copy of this item traced is in the National Army Museum, whose entry describes it as a 'Stapled Memoir' and makes no mention of the map. [3] + 52 + [2] pp, 4to. Internally in good condition, lightly aged; in good tight binding with 'bloom' to covers (particularly the back) towards the fore-edge. Duplicated Typescript, printed on rectos only.

[ Margaret Gatty; children's author] Autograph Note Signed Margaret Gatty to Stephen [perhaps her grandson, Stephen Herbert Gatty?]

Margaret Gatty [ Margaret Gatty (1809–1873), children's author and writer on marine biology. Some of her writings argue against Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species.
Publication details: 
Ecclesfield, 26 May [1860[8?]]

One page, 12mo, staining and ink blots but text clear and complete, laid down on larger piece of paper, docketed The late Mrs. Margaret Gatty (writer for children) Editor of Aunt Judy's Magazine.

[Sir Vincent Eyre: his reminiscences of his friend Sir James Outram, 'The Bayard of India'.] Long Autograph Letter Signed ('Vincent Eyre') to C. R. Low, giving 'reminiscences of Outram', a British hero of the Indian Mutiny.

Sir Vincent Eyre (1811-1881), East India Company Major General, relieved the Siege of Arrah in the Indian Mutiny [Sir James Outram (1803-1863), 'The Bayard of India'; Charles Rathbone Low (1837-1918)]
Publication details: 
No date, but part quoted in Low's 1880 'Soldiers of the Victorian Age'. From 'Hotel Metropole. Geneva.'

See the entries Eyre and Outram in the Oxford DNB. 10pp, 12mo. On two bifoliums and one loose leaf. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. A large part of this letter is quoted, as coming from 'Sir Vincent Eyre, the friend and companion in arms of Sir James Outram', on pp.168-170 of the second volume of Low's 1880 'Soldiers of the Victorian Age'. The opening of the actual letter, which is not quoted, reads: 'My dear Low. | You expressed a wish for any reminiscences of Outram I might be able to furnish.

[ Thomas Dealtry, Anglican Bishop of Madras. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('T. Madras') to Colonel Cameron, Commanding, Ootacamund, regarding safety concerns in the wake of the Siege of Cawnpore in the Indian Mutiny.

Thomas Dealtry (1795-1861), Anglican Bishop of Madras, 1849-1861 [ Indian Mutiny, 1857; Siege of Cawnpore ]
Publication details: 
No place. 'Tuesday' [ no date, but 1857 ].

2pp., 12mo. Attached to the second leaf of the bifolium is the frank, addressed by Dealtry to 'Col. Cameron | Commandg. | Ootacamund'. In good condition, lightly aged. He begins by thanking Cameron for his note and 'contribution', the latter being 'all that cd. be desired'. He continues, with reference to the Siege: 'I am much distressed with this news from Cawnpore. I fear it is true - The loss of life must have been awful - The Lieut. Govr. Mr. Colvin's brother was ye. judge of ye. station'.

[ A British Army surgeon during the Indian Mutiny. ] Three cyclostyled documents, two on the subject of the Mutiny, in facsimile of Wrench's autograph, one titled: 'Cousin Henry Kirke's story of his escape from Mutineers. June 1857'

Edward Mason Wrench (1833-1912), MVO, FRCS, of Baslow, Derbyshire, Assistant Surgeon 4th Lancers [ The Indian Mutiny, 1857 ]
Publication details: 
Two from Park Lodge, Baslow [ Derbyshire ], one of them dated both August 1909 and 13 September 1909, and the other 4 October 1911. The third without place or date.

Part of a series of cyclostyled documents, in facsimile of Wrench's autograph, for distribution amongst his family. The three items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: Facsimile letter with facsimile signature 'Ed M Wrench'. Headed 'Aug 1909' and with 'Sep 13 1909' at foot. 3pp., 4to.

[George Marshall Ward, artist and engraver.] Autograph Letter Signed ('G R Ward') to H. Magford, offering to lend two works by his father James Ward to the Crystal Palace, and the exhibition of another one among Manchester 'merchant Princes'.

George Marshall Ward (1798-1879), artist and engraver, son of the artist James Ward (1769-1859) [The Crystal Palace; Art Treasures Exhibition, Manchester, 1857]
Publication details: 
31 Fitzroy Square W. [London] 27 April 1857.

2pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In very good condition, neatly placed by the second leaf in a windowpane mount. He has 'received an intimation' that his picture is in Bond Street ('from whence I must fetch it'), and is writing to say that he has 'two Pictures by my Father (one very small but a beautiful little bit) the other the Peak in Derbyshire; a Landscape by Smith of Chichester & a copy of mine after Liverseege all of which I would lend to the Crystal Palace if you would like to have them'. He can deliver these to Bond St on collecting the other.

Hand-coloured map of 'The Residency, Palaces, &c. of Lucknow' during the Indian Mutiny, with 'Sketch of the Environs of Lucknow (to the South.) Showing the Route of Sir Colin Campbell's advance', engraved by Edward Weller for the Weekly Dispatch.

Edward Weller (d.1884), cartographer; The Weekly Dispatch, London newspaper; Day & Sons, Lithographers to the Queen; Siege of Lucknow, Indian Mutiny, 1857]
Publication details: 
Weekly Dispatch, 139 Fleet Street, London. Printed by Day & Son, Lithographers to the Queen. [1857.]

In portrait on piece of 50 x 35 cm. paper, folded twice. Coloured in blue, brown, green and pink. Image 42.5 x 30.5 cm. Printed beneath image: 'Weekly Dispatch 139, Fleet Str. Day & Son, Lithors. to the Queen. Engraved by Edwd. Weller.' In good condition, lightly-aged with slight creasing to edges and a little wear along fold lines. The plan of the environs of Lucknow is 13.5 x 12.5 cm., in the top right-hand corner.

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