[General Election of 1835: the Duke of Wellington's brother Lord Charles Wellesley defeated at Rochester by one vote.] Manuscript documents from legal team of victorious candidate T. T. Hodges, at House of Commons 'Controverted Election' committee.

Lord Charles Wellesley; Thomas Twisden Hodges; General Election, 1835; Rochester Kent; Controverted Elections; House of Commons Committee of Privileges and Elections; Duke of Wellington
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House of Commons, Houses of Parliament, Westminster (London). [Rochester, Kent.] 1836 and 1837.

Between 1604 and 1868 the House of Commons exercised jurisdiction over controverted (disputed) elections, which were usually referred to its Committee of Privileges and Elections. The Parliamentary Archives hold the Controverted Elections Court Evidence minute books for the period between 1829 and 1906. The minute books contain transcripts of the evidence laid before the committee.

Printed pamphlet: 'A Full and Authentic Report of the Great Catholic Meeting, which took place in the Town Hall, Birmingham, on Monday, November the 23rd, 1835.'

'Reported by Mr. W. Pare short-hand writer' [ Great Catholic Meeting, Town Hall, Birmingham, 1835 ]
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Birmingham: Printed and published by R, P. Stone, 36, Bull-street. And sold by Keating and Brown, Booker and Andrews, London: Rockliff and Duckworth, Liverpool; Lynch, Manchester; Bridgen, Wolverhampton; Crow, Worcester. [ 1835. ]

48pp., 8vo. Disbound. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Dedication, on reverse of title, from 'The Catholics of Birmingham' to 'The Liberal Protestants of Birmingham'. Now scarce.

[ The Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834 ] Printed 'Order for the keeping, examining, and auditing of the Accounts of the above Union, and of the several Parishes of which it is composed.

J. G. S. Lefevre and Geo. Nicholls, Poor Law Commissioners [ Brixworth Union, Northamptonshire, Old or Wold Parish; Rev. Richard Harington; Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834 ]
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Poor Law Commission, London. [14] November 1835. [ London: Printed by William Clowes and Sons, 14, Charing Cross. ]

A significant document, being the first government instruction manual for the completing of accounts folllowing the great changes ushered in by the Poor Law Amendment Act of 1834. 30pp., 8vo. Stitched and unbound. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with vertical closed tear to foot of first leaf. Embossed seal on red paper of the Poor Law Commission of England and Wales on front page, together with red 'Office Copy' stamp. The word 'Brixworth' has been added in manuscript on the first page, with 'Old or Wold' above it.

[James Ewing of Strathleven House, Dumbartonshire.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J Ewing') to his sister Mrs Elizabeth Hyde of Bath, expressing relief on his removal from Parliament. On printed address 'To the Electors of Glasgow', after losing election

James Ewing (1784-1853) of Strathleven House, Dumbartonshire, Member of Parliament for Wareham, 1830-1831, and Glasgow, 1832-1835
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Letter dated 'Glasgow February 9, 1835'. Address by 'BELL AND BAIN, PRINTERS [Glasgow]', and dated 'QUEEN-STREET, January 15th, 1835.'

Letter and address are on a foolscap 8vo bifolium, with the address covering the first three pages, and the letter the reverse of the second leaf, which also carries the address ('Mrs Hyde | 31, Henrietta Street, | Bath', forwarded to Kew and then 10 New Street, Margate) with ten postmarks and a red wax seal. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with a few nicks and short closed tears along folds. LETTER: 1p., foolscap 8vo. Addressed to 'My dear Elizabeth'.

[Printed poster, attacking Benjamin Disraeli ('Mr. D'Israeli, junior') on his standing as Tory candidate in the Taunton By-Election of 1835.] Extract from the Sun, London Paper, Friday, 24th April, 1835.

[Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, Conservative Prime Minister; Taunton By-Election, 1835]
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'MARRIOTT, Printer, Taunton Courier Office, East Street, TAUNTON.'

Printed on one side of a piece of 38.5 x 23.5 cm wove paper. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. An attractive political artefact and example of provincial printing, with the title on four lines as follows: 'EXTRACT | FROM THE | SUN, London Paper, | FRIDAY, 24th April, 1835.' The thirty-three lines of text, enclosed in quotation marks and with the first line in bold, begins: 'WE understand that Mr. D'ISRAELI, junior, has just set off post-haste for TAUNTON, in order to oppose Mr. LABOUCHERE'S RE-ELECTION for that Borough. A richer joke than this we have not heard for many a day.

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