[ Robert Baker Girdlestone, Hebrew scholar and first principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'R. B. Girdlestone'), with reference to the biblical scholars Constantin von Tischendorf and Samuel Prideaux Tregelles. ]

Robert Baker Girdlestone (1836-1923), Hebrew scholar, first principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and Anglican cleric [ Samuel Prideaux Tregelles; Constantin von Tischendorf ]
Publication details: 
All three on letterheads of the British & Foreign Bible Society, Blackfriars, London. 5 and 7 August 1868, and 10 February 1869.

The three items in good condition, on lightly aged paper. All three on bifoliums. ONE (5 August 1868): 2pp., 12mo. He thanks the recipient for his 'lecture', which 'gives a large amount of information in a small space'. If he would care to 'present a copy to our library, I am sure it would be valued highly'. He continues: 'One desideratum is that the libraries in Spain & at Paris should be ransacked in order if possible to find some further light as to the origin of the Rec: [sic]' He concludes: 'You have no doubt got Tischend[orf]:s. Edn. of the Cod. B. wh.

[Printed item.] East India (Sale of Waste Lands, &c.) Return To Two Addresses of the House of Lords, dated 27th March 1863, for Copy of the Instructions recently sent to the Governor General of India in Council, respecting the Sale of Waste Lands.

Fras. W. Prideaux, Secretary, Revenue Department [India Office, Whitehall, London, British government department created in 1858; the East India Company]
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'India Office, [Whitehall, London] | 7th April 1863. | Fras. W. Prideaux, | Secretary, Revenue Department. | Ordered to be printed 1st May 1863.'

192pp., 8vo. Disbound. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper.

Autograph Signature, in form of monogram, on part of letter.

Sarah Prideaux [Sarah Treverbian Prideaux] (1853-1933), British bookbinder
Publication details: 
Date and place not stated.

On a piece of grey paper, 5 x 9.5 cm, cut away from a letter. Good. Thin strip of white mount adhering to right-hand edge. The signature is in the form of a monogram, with Prideaux's initials S and T combined to make a stylized shape with long diagonal stroke, which cuts through the final 'P.' The letter's valediction reads '<...> all my divans. | Yrs. | [signature]'. Lengthwise to the right of the signature, the slip is docketed 'Miss Sarah Prideaux | celebrated as a Lady Bookbinder whose Work has taken prizes at all the great exhibitions'.

Typed Letter Signed to W[illiam]. de C[ourcy]. Prideaux.

Ralph Griffin, Secretary, Society of Antiquaries of London
Publication details: 
10 June 1921; on the Society's letterhead.

One page, 12mo. Grubby, discoloured, stained and with slight wear to head. Apparently a circular with word 'Dorset' inserted in manuscript. Enquires on behalf of the Council of the Society of Antiquaries 'whether it would be agreeable to you that your name be submitted to the Society for the office of Local Secretary of Dorset for the quadrennial period ending 23rd April 1925'. Signed 'Ralph Griffin'.

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