[Sir Edward Malet, British diplomat.] Autograph Note Signed ('Edward B Malet') certifying the signature at the foot of a document in French, by 'Monsieur Persiani 1st. Secretary of the Russian Legation at Athens'.

Sir Edward Baldwin Malet (1837-1908), 4th Baronet, British diplomat [Monsieur Persiani, 1st Secretary of the Russian Legation at Athens]
Publication details: 
The Persiani document on the letterhead of the 'Légation Impériale de Russie', Athens, 25 January 1875. Malet's note without date or place.

The document is 1p., 4to. It is in fair condition, on thin aged paper, with the remains of two red wax seals, and backed with paper. With the receipt stamp of the London & County Bank. The letter is in French, and signed 'Persiani' and relates to a payment from the Russian exchequer, drawn on Baring Brothers of London, to Alexandre Mintshaki, son of 'Son Excellence Mme. Sophie Mintschaki, défunte'. Malet's note reads: 'I certify the above to be the signature of Monsieur Persiani 1st. Secretary of the Russian Legation at Athens.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Rose Kingsley') to unnamed male correspondent.

Rose Kingsley [Rose Georgina Kingsley], author and daughter of Rev. Charles Kingsley (1819-1875) ['Lucas Malet', pen name of her sister the novelist Mary St Leger Kingsley (1852-1931)]
Publication details: 
16 November [no year]; on letterhead of 40 Sloane Street, [London] S.W.

16mo, 2 pp. On first leaf of bifolium. Mourning border. She has just received his letter, 'forwarded through Mr Fisher Unwin'. 'I am not "Lucas Malet" - but I am forwarding the letter to her. She is my sister - | Mrs. William Harrison | Clovelly Rectory | Bideford | North Devon'.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Rennell Rodd | priv: sec:') to unnamed male correspondent.

James Rennell Rodd (1858-1941), 1st Baron Rennell, English diplomat and classical scholar
Publication details: 
13 September 1888; on official letterhead from the British Embassy, Berlin.

12mo, 2 pp, 10 lines. Good, on lightly aged paper, with scrap of brown paper mount adhering in top right-hand corner on the reverse (not affecting text). Concerns a volume which 'has been duly forwarded to Count Seckendorff, Comptroller of the Household of Her Majesty the Emperess Frederick'. The Ambassador Sir Edward Malet has asked Rodd to express to the correspondent 'his personal thanks for the second copy you were good enough to forward to him'.

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