[ Charles Gilpin, Quaker MP for Northampton, pacifist, abolitionist and author. ] Autograph Note Signed to 'Mr E Whittingham', regarding his movements the following day. With newspaper cutting of obituary and engraved portrait.

Charles Gilpin (1815-1874), Quaker Member of Parliament for Northampton, abolitionist, pacifist and author
Publication details: 
On House of Commons letterhead. 'May 8th. | 1.30 AM!!' No year.

1p., 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged with minor burn mark to fore-edge. Reads: 'Dear Mr E Whittingham, | I fear I cannot be in St as usual tomorrow - I will endeavour to run down in the course of the day -'. The newspaper cutting of an obituary of 'The Late Mr. Charles Gilpin' is unattributed and undated. The portrait, apparently cut from the same newspaper, is 14 x 13 cm., and depicts the head and shoulders of 'The Late Mr. Charles Gilpin, M.P.', looking rather dazed.?>

[ William Gilpin, autor and headmaster of Cheam School, Surrey. ] Autograph Bill of Exchange, signed 'Will: Gilpin', directing his publishers Cadell & Davies to make a payment of £100 to 'Mrs. Mary <Oviatt?>'.

William Gilpin (1724-1804), writer on art and headmaster of Cheam School, Surrey [[ Thomas Cadell and William Davies, London booksellers ]
Publication details: 
Vicar's Hill [ Lymington, Hampshire ]. 29 January 1803.

On a slip of paper, with two embossed tax stamps. Worn, aged and damp stains. Entirely in Gilpin's autograph, and reading: 'To Messrs. Cadell, Davies booksellers in ye Strand London | Please to pay to Mrs. Mary , or her order five days after date one hundred pds for | Yr. humble Servt. | Will: Gilpin | 100 £. -.' Endorsed on the reverse, with the signature of the recipient of the money.?>

[ William Gilpin, art critic and educationalist. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('W. Gilpin') to his son William Gilpin the younger, Headmaster of Cheam School, with reference to Thomas Gisborne and William Farish.

William Gilpin (1724-1804), writer on art and headmaster of Cheam School, Surrey [ Thomas Gisborne (1758-1846), religious writer; William Farish (1759-1837), chemist ]
Publication details: 
No place. 22 May 1795.

2pp., 12mo. In good condition, lightly-aged, with slight damage on removal from album. Addressed to 'Revd. Mr. Gilpin | Cheam'. (In 1777, on becoming vicar of Boldre in the New Forest, Gilpin handed over the headmastership of Cheam School to his second son William Gilpin the younger (1757-1848).) Written with a freshness reflecting 'the particular interest' Gilpin paid to 'the theory and practice of epistolary writing', noted by Alain Kerhervé in his edition of Gilpin's letters to his grandson ('William writes to William', 2014).

Autograph Letter Signed from Charles Gilpin, Liberal MP for Northampton, to James Wyld, MP for Bodmin, putting the position of the Poor Board in the case of 'Mr Mayall', Relieving Officer.

Charles Gilpin (1815-1874), Liberal MP for Northampton and Quaker [James Wyld (1812-1887), MP for Bodmin and cartographer; Poor Board, Whitehall]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Poor Board, Whitehall. 31 October 1860.

2pp., 12mo. 25 lines. Fair, on aged paper, with a few ink spots caused by clumsy blotting. He has 'gone through the papers referring to the case' in which Wyld is 'kindly interested', and finds 'that the decision of the Board is in accordance with its uniform rule in similiar cases. | Mr. Mayall received his appointment as Relieving Officer on the express stipulation that he should reside in Bodmin'. Mayall's 'removal would have been objected to by this Board without any adverse representation from Guardians of the District'.

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