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[The United Relieving Officers' and Masters' of Workhouses Superannuation Society.] Printed notice of a meeting to found the Society, describing its objects and rates of payment. Signed by temporary secretary William Scudding.

The United Relieving Officers' and Masters' of Workhouses Superannuation Society [William Scadding or Scudding, 'Secretary, pro. tem.']
Publication details: 
Thame [Oxfordshire]. 6 November 1837. 'Bradford, Printer, Thame.'

2pp., 4to. On first leaf of a bifolium, with reverse of second leaf addressed (with postmarks) to 'The Relieving Officers | Basingstoke Union | Hants'. In good condition, on aged paper. The document carries the signature of 'Wm.

Autograph Letter Signed from Charles Gilpin, Liberal MP for Northampton, to James Wyld, MP for Bodmin, putting the position of the Poor Board in the case of 'Mr Mayall', Relieving Officer.

Charles Gilpin (1815-1874), Liberal MP for Northampton and Quaker [James Wyld (1812-1887), MP for Bodmin and cartographer; Poor Board, Whitehall]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of the Poor Board, Whitehall. 31 October 1860.

2pp., 12mo. 25 lines. Fair, on aged paper, with a few ink spots caused by clumsy blotting. He has 'gone through the papers referring to the case' in which Wyld is 'kindly interested', and finds 'that the decision of the Board is in accordance with its uniform rule in similiar cases. | Mr. Mayall received his appointment as Relieving Officer on the express stipulation that he should reside in Bodmin'. Mayall's 'removal would have been objected to by this Board without any adverse representation from Guardians of the District'.

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