[General Election of 1835: the Duke of Wellington's brother Lord Charles Wellesley defeated at Rochester by one vote.] Manuscript documents from legal team of victorious candidate T. T. Hodges, at House of Commons 'Controverted Election' committee.

Lord Charles Wellesley; Thomas Twisden Hodges; General Election, 1835; Rochester Kent; Controverted Elections; House of Commons Committee of Privileges and Elections; Duke of Wellington
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House of Commons, Houses of Parliament, Westminster (London). [Rochester, Kent.] 1836 and 1837.

Between 1604 and 1868 the House of Commons exercised jurisdiction over controverted (disputed) elections, which were usually referred to its Committee of Privileges and Elections. The Parliamentary Archives hold the Controverted Elections Court Evidence minute books for the period between 1829 and 1906. The minute books contain transcripts of the evidence laid before the committee.

Printed logbook with label on cover reading 'List of Colored Voters Registered at [ ] Precinct in [ ] Magisterial District [ ] County, Virginia. since January 1, 1904.'

[Virginia, United States of America; the African-American Civil Rights Movement; American elections and voting; black voters]
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[Virginia, USA. Circa 1904.]

15 leaves, folio. In fair condition, with light signs of age and wear. N.B. Entirely blank: not filled-in or completed. Each leaf with thumb-index tab in oak cloth. In black cloth quarter-binding with marbled covers. Each opening or double-page spread is divided into 14 columns: Date of Registration; Number; Name; Date of Birth; Age. Years; Occupation; Residence; Lenght of Residence [In State; In County; In Precinct]; Is he exempt from payment of poll tax as a prerequisite to voting?; If naturalized [Date of Papers; By What Court Issued]; If Transferred. When and to What Precinct.

[Contemporary MS copy; electoral problems] "Mandamus from Oliver Cromwell to Major Haynes"

[Oliver Cromwell, Protector] Oliver P.
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Whitehall, 4 December 1655

One page, 13 x 19cm,small chip at base losing the "o" of "for", mainly good condition. Text printed in Strutt's "The History and Descryption of Colchester", pp.9-10 [Googlebook "Major Haynes Colchester"], and other material relating to the history of Colchester (Thomas Cromwell etc), with minor variants ("uncapable" for "unable", "directions" for "direction", "Mayor" for "mayor"). "Oliver P | There having been of late several complaints from the Antient Aldermen [...] Colchester [...] Given at Whitehall ye 4th December 1655. For Major Haynes."

Printed handbill address by James Haughton Langston to the 'Freemen of the City of Oxford.'

James Haughton Langston (1796-1863) of Sarsden House, Chipping Norton, Whig MP for New Woodstock, 1820-1826, and for Oxford, 1826-1834 and 1841-1863
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[Oxford, 1832?]

1p., 4to. Worn and aged. The item has been laid down and cropped to 23 x 19.5cm, with only the top part of Langston's surname is present at the bottom of the leaf. In heavily-inked type. The item reads: 'FREEMEN | OF THE | City of Oxford. | Gentlemen, | I want words to express my acknowledgements to you for your generous conduct towards me this day; and I am proud to find, that the longer the Contest continues the better I stand on the Poll.

Printed circular, signed 'Hervey', putting himself forward as Parliamentary 'Representative of our University'.

Frederick William Hervey (1800-1864), 2nd Marquess of Bristol [Trinity College, Cambridge]
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23 October 1822; Trinity College, Cambridge.

4to (22.5 x 18.5 cm), 1 p. Eighteen lines in four paragraphs. Text clear and complete, crisply printed in italic. On aged and grubby paper. Begins 'The lamented death of Mr. SMYTH having occasioned a vacancy in the Representation of our University, I am induced to offer myself as a Candidate for the honour of succeeding him in that distinguished situation.' He is 'unfettered by political engagements', and must forever feel 'affection and gratitude' for 'a Body, amongst whom I have passed some of the happiest and most profitable years of my life'. Hervey was unsuccessful.

Two handbills relating to the Sudbury Municipal Election of 1877.

Sudbury Municipal Election, 1877 [Suffolk; East Anglia; English council elections; county councillors in Victorian England]
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1877. One of the two items 'Printed at the Free Press Office, Sudbury.'

Both items printed on one side of a piece of cheap wove paper. Both items aged and lightly creased, but with text clear and entire. Item One (23 x 12.5 cm): Headed 'Sudbury Election.

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