[ Charles Hayden Coffin, actor and singer. ] Autgograph Letter Signed ('C. Hayden Coffin') to composer Herman Finck, regarding a forthcoming dinner.

Charles Hayden Coffin (1862-1935), English actor and singer, associated with actor, George Edwardes.
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On letterhead of the Savage Club, Adelphi, W.C.2. [ London ] 20 November [ no year ].

2pp., 16mo. In fair condition, lightly-aged. Headed 'Re. Dec 2': 'I have put my name down & hope nothing prevents my being present - tho' a "young" Savage I trust that you can fix me near you & Sir Edward - | Do what you can - what an evening it will be!!' Finck's song 'In the Shadows' was one of the last to be played as RMS Titanic went down.

[Siege of Nanking and Second Sino-Japanese War.] Typed Memorandum and Manuscript Notes by British diplomat, of meeting between Sir Robert Clive and Japanese Ambassador Yoshida and Ichiro Hatoyama, and meeting with Manchukuo adviser A. H. F. Edwardes

[ Yoshida Shigeru (1878-1967), Japanese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, 1936-8; Sir Robert Henry Clive (1877-1948), British Ambassador to Japan, 1935-7; Ichiro Hatoyama (1883-1959) ]
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Report and minutes both without place and date, but referring to a meeting in London on 22 November 1937.

Despite the fair amount of attention bestowed on the 'Anglo-Japanese Conversation' - the secret negotiations between the British government and the Japanese ambassador at the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War - it is only with the discovery of these two documents that it can be established that the two countries continued with informal negotiations until the fall of Nanking.

Typed Note Signed ('Geo R Sims') to F. Leslie Moreton.

George R. Sims [George Robert Sims] (1847-1922), English journalist and writer.
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24 March 1900; on letterhead of 12, Clarence Terrace, Regents Park. N.W. [London].

4to: 1 p. Text complete and clear, on aged, spotted and lightly-creased paper. He has exchanged letters with 'Mr Morell' 'with reference to "Faust up to Date" ', but does not believe any contract has yet been arranged. He does not have a copy of 'the Score and Band Parts': 'I should say Mr Geo. Edwardes or Mr Meyer Lutz has these.' Sims co-wrote 'Faust up to Date' with Henry Pettitt. The music was by Lutz. It was produced by Edwardes, and first performed at the Gaiety Theatre, London, on 30 October 1888.

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