[Minnie Maddern Fiske, American actress.] Autograph Letter Signed, as Vice-President of the International Humane Association, to Edward G. Fairholme of the RSPCA, regarding an 'Anti-Bull-Fight' article by 'Senor de Toledo'.

Minnie Maddern Fiske [born Marie Augusta Davey] (1865-1932), American actress noted for her roles in Ibsen plays [The International Humane Association, New York]
Publication details: 
From New Orleans, Louisiana, 25 November 1910. On letterhead of the International Humane Association, New York.

1p, 4to. In fair condition, aged and worn, folded three times, with labels from mount on blank reverse. With RSPCA date stamp. Singular signature, with all three parts of Fiske's name running into one another, and the middle name elongated. Addressed to Fairholme at the RSPCA, London. 'I regret that the article by Senor de Toledo [i.e. J. Garcia de Toledo of Malaga, Honorary President of the IHA] d[i]d not reach me in time to make it possible for me to send it with our other Anti-Bull-Fight MSS, to the Humane Conference.

[ Minnie Walters Anson, English miniaturist. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed to 'Miss Newcomb' [ secretary of Marcus Adams Limited], regarding miniatures made from photographs of children taken by her brother-in-law Marcus Adams

Walters Anson [ Minnie Walters Anson ] (1875-1959), RMS [ Royal Miniature Society ], miniaturist [ Lambeth School of Art ], wife of artist Chris Adams (1867-1960), brother of Marcus Adams
Publication details: 
Both on her letterhead ('WALTERS ANSON, R.M.S.'), 48 Parkstone Avenue, Parkstone, Dorset. 6 and 11 February 1950.

Both letters 2pp., 12mo. Both in good condition, lightly-aged, the second with the first page lightly crossed through in pencil. The letters relate to work done for the firm of her brother-in-law Marcus Adams (described in his Times obituary as 'the outstanding child photographer of his day and photographer to the Royal Family for more than 30 years'), at 43 Dover Street, Mayfair. She begins the first letter by explaining that she has 'endeavoured to make the Woodall miniature like the snapshot, but unless they are really satisfied I had better do another.

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