[ Philip Saville, 'the Orson Welles of the small screen'. ] Two Autograph Notebooks by the pioneering British director: first with account of making of 'Hamlet in Elsinore', second with plot, dialogue, notes, for 'Stop The World, I Want To Get Off'.

Philip Saville (1930-2016), 'the Orson Welles of the small screen', pioneering British film and television director, associated with Harold Pinter, Jane Arden, Diana Rigg, Bob Dylan, Pauline Boty
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Both with Saville's London address, 28 Finchley Road, NW8. Both volumes undated, but the first around 1964, and the second around 1966.

These two items date from the 1960s, a period during which Saville was a notable 'face' on the London scene: he dated the 'Avengers' actress Diana Rigg and the Pop artist Pauline Boty, and flew Bob Dylan to Britain for his first acting role.

[ Caradoc Evans, Welsh author ] Autograph Letter Signed "Caradoc Evans" to [Sewell] Stokes [" novelist, biographer, playwright, screenwriter, broadcaster and prison visitor. "]

Caradoc Evans [David Caradoc Evans], (1878–1945), Welsh story writer, novelist and playwright.
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26 Thornton Road, East Sheen, Tuesday [n.d. between1923 and 1929]. Perhaps when he edited T.P.'s Weekly, Sewell Stokes as assistant editor

One page, 8vo, fold mark, small closed tears on fold, good condition, pencilled ticks (by Stokes?). "I am in bed, now reading a bit of Ben Johnson [sic] now a bit of 'Moll Flanders", now a bit of [?] & now a bit of Marie Corelli." He anticipates when he'll next be in the "office". New paragrph, "Will you and Mr Moore go through that basket of mine marked "Current" & send off for setting that wghich appeals to you. There is an article on Arthur Machen, which should be cut [...].

Autograph Letter Signed "Douglas" [Cleverdon, broadcaster, publisher] to "Eddie" [Edward Marsh, translator (of Anouilh, Cocteau et al), schoolmaster.

Douglas Cleverdon, broadcaster, bookseller, publisher [Eric Gill; Dylan Thomas]
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[Headed] Douglas Cleverdon | Publisher | 27 Barnsbury Square | London N1 England ..., 23 July 1976.

One page, cr. 8vo, good condition, giving a brief c.v. of his son, Lewis Cleverdon from Primary School to William Ellis [Marsh's school], Dartington to work experience (dry-stone walling, carpenter's mate, training with wheelwright. He asks Marsh to send a reference toi the Clerk of the Skinners Company, giving address.

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