[T. G. Buchanan & R. Aitken, Glasgow Accountants and Stock-Brokers.] Printed list, with brief report, of the 'Prices of Scottish Stocks. Glasgow, 18th July, 1843.' [Addressed to London banker Thomson Hankey junior, with postmarks and red wax seal.]

T. G. Buchanan & R. Aitken, Accountants & Stock-Brokers, 35 St. Vincent-Place, Glasgow, Scotland [Thomson Hankey junior, London merchant banker]
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T. G. Buchanan & R. Aitken, Accountants & Stock-Brokers, 35 St. Vincent-Place [Glasgow, Scotland]. Hedderwick & Son, Printers to the Queen. [Glasgow]

1p., folio. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with slight damage at head from breaking of seal, causing loss of the 'SC' in the heading 'PRICES OF OTTISH STOCKS.' Table in small print, subdivided into sections on Banks, Insurance Companies, Railways, Miscellaneous and English Railways, with columns for: Advanced Capital; Annual Dividend; When Payable; Return per Ct. to Purchaser; Description of Stocks; Shares; Present Selling Prices.

Three financial documents from 1880 on 'Vanity Fair': holograph 'Report' by the editor Thomas Gibson Bowles, accompanying 'Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account' and 'Comparative Statement of Income and Expenditure' by accountants Masson & Lewis.

Thomas Gibson Bowles (1841-1922), editor of the London society magazine 'Vanity Fair', founded by him in 1868 [Masson & Lewis, Accountants, 27 Leadenhall Street, London]
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Bowles's report dated 10 November 1880. 'Balance Sheet' and 'Comparative Statement' both by Masson & Lewis, Accountants, 27 Leadenhall Street, London, and both for the half-year ending 30 September 1880.

The three items, all in manuscript, are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. All three are folded into the usual packets, with the two items by the accountants each titled in manuscript on the outside. Item One (Gibson's report): 'Report to accompany the Accounts of "Vanity Fair" for the six months ending 30th. Septr. 1880'. In Bowles's autograph, and signed by him at the foot, 'Thos. G. Bowles | 10 Novr 1880'. 1p., foolscap 8vo.

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