[T. G. Buchanan & R. Aitken, Glasgow Accountants and Stock-Brokers.] Printed list, with brief report, of the 'Prices of Scottish Stocks. Glasgow, 18th July, 1843.' [Addressed to London banker Thomson Hankey junior, with postmarks and red wax seal.]

T. G. Buchanan & R. Aitken, Accountants & Stock-Brokers, 35 St. Vincent-Place, Glasgow, Scotland [Thomson Hankey junior, London merchant banker]
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T. G. Buchanan & R. Aitken, Accountants & Stock-Brokers, 35 St. Vincent-Place [Glasgow, Scotland]. Hedderwick & Son, Printers to the Queen. [Glasgow]
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1p., folio. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with slight damage at head from breaking of seal, causing loss of the 'SC' in the heading 'PRICES OF OTTISH STOCKS.' Table in small print, subdivided into sections on Banks, Insurance Companies, Railways, Miscellaneous and English Railways, with columns for: Advanced Capital; Annual Dividend; When Payable; Return per Ct. to Purchaser; Description of Stocks; Shares; Present Selling Prices. The ten-line report, at the foot of the page, begins: 'The state of our Share Market during the last month affords little scope for remark, the transactions being few in number and limited in amount. On comparing the above quotations with those of our Circular of 15th ultimo, we observe that the following alterations have taken place: - [...]'. Addressed on reverse to 'Thomson Hankey Junr. Esq | 7 Mincing Lane | London'. With two red postmarks (24 and 26 July 1843), and tiny red wax seal of unicorn's head. No copies of any of Buchanan & Aitken's circulars traced on either COPAC or OCLC WorldCat.