[ Will Owen, illustrator of W. W. Jacobs. ] Two unpublished autograph volumes by Owen, the first and last of a three-volume work described by him as 'a more or less humorous account of a ramble round the Kentish Coast by two men'.

Will Owen (1859-1957), English book illustrator associated with W. W. Jacobs, cartoonist, caricaturist and commercial artist making posters for London Underground, creator of the 'Bisto Kids'
Publication details: 
'A Corner of Kent | by Will Owen | Flat 90. Charterhouse Square | E.C.1 [ London ]'. Undated [ late 1940s? ].

The two volumes constitute the first and last volumes (the middle volume is missing) of a three-volume work described by its author as 'a more or less humorous account of a ramble round the Kentish Coast by two men'. This unpublished work constitutes a topographical and social narrative, written by the well-known artist and illustrator when in his eighties. Stylistically indebted to Jerome K.

[ Orlando Greenwood, Lancashire artist. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Greenwood') to J. Cuming Walters, describing his background (having been born 'between Pendle and Boulsworth'), reminiscing on his childhood, and commenting on dialect.

Orlando Greenwood (1892-1989), Lancashire artist and creator of London Underground posters [ J. Cuming Walters [ John Cuming Walters ] (1863-1933), editor of the Manchester City News ]
Publication details: 
Both on letterhead of 9 Hillmarton Road, Camden Road, N.7. 8 December 1929 and 31 October 1930.

Both items in fair condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. ONE: 8 December 1929. 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. He begins by stating that he has read Walters' 'Charm of Lancashire' with great enjoyment, and considers it one 'of which every Lancashire family and lover of the county should possess a copy'. He continues: 'I myself was born between Pendle and Boulsworth. My Father's stock farmed around Trawden and the Boulsworth side, and my mother's around Blacko and the Pendle slopes, so your section devoted to this locality has an especial attraction for me.

[Tony Sarg; railway posters] Three Autograph Letters Signed to 'Miss Manook'.

Tony Sarg [ Anthony Frederick Sarg (1880-1942), known professionally as Tony Sarg, a German American puppeteer and illustrator]
Publication details: 
London, 1911-1913.

ITEM ONE: 20 May 1911, on letterhead '3, Linnell Close, | Hampstead Garden Suburb, | London, N.W.'; ITEM TWO: 23 Dec. 1912, Granville House, Arundel St., Strand, London, EC..' ITEM THREE: 11 January 1913, 'Granville House. | Arundel St. Strand. | London E.C. ITEM ONE: 3 pages, 12mo. Very good, though slightly discoloured. 'Your very closely written letter would have melted any artist's heart and I did the little sketch [not present] in seperate [sic] envelope with great pleasure, particularly as the object of your collection is to cheer you up in your old age.

Autograph Note Signed "Fred Pegram" to J. Penderel Brodhurst, journalist and author.

Frederick Pegram (1870-1937), artist inc. posters.
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[Blind stamp] 32 Cheyne Row, Chelsea, SW [London], 3 Dec. 1895.

One page, 16mo, spike-hole, mainly good, complete and clear. "I believe the copyright of my drawings which appeared in the P.M.B. [Pall Mall Budget] belongs to us. I made a distinct arrangement to that effect with regrad to drawings I made for the P.M.[Pall Mall] Magazine, altho' I made no agreement (in writing) either way with the 'Budget', the Manager would, no doubt' be able to tell you."

Some Recent Phases of the Sewage Question, With Remarks on "Ensilage," As applied to the Storing and Preservation of Sewage-Grown Green Crops.

Henry Robinson, C.E., F.S.I. [sanitation; Victorian London sewers; silage; sewage; sewerage; cesspools]
Publication details: 
[London:] Reprinted by permission of the Council from the "Transactions" of the Surveyors' Institution.' To be obtained of Messrs. Spon, 125, Strand, W.C. [1885.]

Octavo: 28 pp (paginated 203-230). Unbound and stitched. In original orange printed wraps. Fold-out lithographic plate (c.21 x 45 cms, containing figs. 2 to 6) by C. F. Kell of Castle Street, Holborn, and three illustrations in text: fig.1, a 'useful portable silo [...] made by Messrs. Reynolds', fig.7, 'a simple form of silo with Reynolds' pressure', and fig.8, 'a suggested design for a silo'. The aim of the paper is to 'bring before The Surveyors' Institution some recent phases of the sewage question'. Very good, if a tad dusty at head.

Coloured advertisement for Swan Vesta matches, in the form of a pastiche of a London Underground sign.

Publication details: 
Without date or place [1920s or 30s?].

Attractive illustration, in red, green, yellow and black, on piece of white card roughly nine and three-quarter inches by six and a quarter, neatly mounted on piece of black card roughly ten and a quarter inches by seven and three-quarters. At head a parody of the London Underground black rectangle over red circle, roughly six and a half inches by three and a quarter, bearing the notice 'ALIGHT HERE' in white letters. Beneath this the words 'FOR EVERY SMOKER.', with a red arrow at foot pointing to a box of Swan Vesta matches. Very good, though lightly foxed.

Note in a secretarial hand Signed to Sir H[enry]. T[rueman]. Wood, Secretary, Royal Society of Arts, together with compliments slip.

Sir Benjamin Baker
Publication details: 
The letter, 11 June 1901; the compliments slip 17 June 1901; both on letterhead '2, Queen Square Place, | Queen Anne's Mansions, Westminster, S.W.'

English civil engineer (1840-1907), who built the Forth Rail Bridge and worked on the Metropolitan and District Railways of the London Underground. Both items one page, octavo, on grey paper. Both in good condition, stamped and docketed. The note, signed 'B. Baker', reads 'I am sorry to say the Glasgow University Jubilee will prevent me and I have no doubt others from beingn at Marlborough House on the 14th.' The slip reads 'With Sir Benjamin Baker's Compliments.'

Two Autograph Letters Signed to [Sir Henry Trueman Wood,] the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Sir John Wolfe Wolfe-Barry
Publication details: 
Letter one: 28 June 1917; letter two: 29 October 1917; both on letterhead 'DELAHAY HOUSE, | 15, CHELSEA EMBANKMENT, | S.W.3.'

British railway engineer (1836-1918). Both items very good, and both stamped and docketed, and signed 'J. Wolfe-Barry'. LETTER ONE: one page, octavo. 'I have much pleasure in accepting the Office of Vice President of the Society and shall be glad, as an ex-officio member of the Council to be summoned to its meetings'. LETTER TWO: one page, octavo (landscape). 'I want to propose William Archer Tait D.Sc Civil Engineer for admission to the Royal Sy of Arts. His address is 9 Victoria Street S.W. Please take the necessary steps'.

Signed Letter in secretarial hand to Francis B[roxholme]. G[rey]. Jenkinson[, House of Commons Clerk].

Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke [CHILD LABOUR; COAL MINING]
Publication details: 
19 April 1900; on letterhead '76, Sloane Street, S.W.'

Second baronet (1843-1911), politician and author. Three pages, 12mo. In good condition although grubby and with a few stains. 'My Coal Mines Prevention of Child Labour Underground Bill grew out of the Eight Hours debate and a challenge to the Coal Owners, so I did not put metalliferous mines in, and excluded them by any title. There are very few boys under 13 in them, but the principle might be the same'. He has been consulted on the matter by the Home Office, and has spoken to Lord Grey about it.

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