[ Finland, The Winter War with the Soviet Union, 1939-1940. ] Duplicated Typescript [ by the Communist Party of Great Britain ], headed 'FINLAND', defending the Soviet Union over its actions in the Winter War, 1939-1940.

[ Finland: the Winter War with the Soviet Union, 1939-1940; Communist Party of Great Britain; Jimmy Shields (1900-1949) ]
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Without details or date. [ Communist Party of Great Britain, London. Circa 1939. ]

3pp., 8vo. In fair condition, single-spaced, on three leaves of aged and worn paper, held together with a small rusted pin. Designed to clearly state the party line. Begins: 'If we want to understand what is going on, we must understand the Background.' Sections titled 'The Background' and 'The Attitude of Britain' follow. A key section reads: 'But whatever people think - the Russian Government decided that the time was ripe to take control of the Baltic. They were not frightened of Finland or the Finns - but they were apprehensive of Finland in conjunction with the great powers.

[ Soviet Poland, printed periodicals. ] Three numbers of 'Polish Facts & Figures | Issued by the Press Office of the Polish Embassy in London'.

[ Soviet Poland; the Polish Embassy in London; Jimmy Shields (1900-1949) ]
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[ The Press Office of the Polish Embassy in London. ] Three numbers: No. 5, 16 July 1946; No. 14, 19 September 1946; No. 51, 28 June 1947. [ Printed by St. Clements Press Ltd., Portugal Street, London, W.C.2.' ]

The three items are each 4pp., 4to, in bifoliums, and uniform in design. Each carrying a number of articles in small print. Each on aged paper and with wear to margin along outer edge, but with text clear and undamaged. No. 5 includes articles titled: 'Referendum Results', 'Poland's National Day', 'Polish-British Relations', 'Poland's Independence and Freedom Secured | M. Bierut speaks to Democratic Party Congress', 'A Polish Economic System'. No. 14 has in it articles on 'Mr. Byrnes v.

Signed photograph.

Nicolai Malko (1883-1961), Russian conductor, latterly chief conductor in Australia with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra
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Dimensions of photograph roughly nine inches by seven wide. Aged, lightly creased and a little scuffed. Slight loss to bottom right-hand corner of border, not affecting image. A bespectacled Malko in a double-breasted pinstripe jacket, in the act of conducting, baton aloft, and with violinist in the background. Malko has written his inscription over his torso, beginning 'Cnacudo', and giving the date 1949.

The dethronement of Stalin full text of the Khrushchev speech.

[The Manchester Guardian]
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Published by the MANCHESTER GUARDIAN | June 1956'.

33 pages, 8vo. In original printed wraps, with cartoon of Khrushchev on front wrap. In good condition, with slight spotting and staining to front wrap. Rust stains from staples and from paperclip at heads of front wrap and first leaf. Offsetting to inside of front wrap from newspaper cutting of article by Walter Lippman, 'WHAT KHRUSHCHEV DID NOT SAY ABOUT THE TERROR | Stalin Insufficient as Scapegoat'. Introduction by 'A STUDENT OF SOVIET AFFAIRS'. Internally subtitled 'The unmasking of Stalin'.

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