[ James Beresford Atlay, writer on the law and crime. ] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'J. B. Atlay') to Sir Richard [ Harington ], the first regarding the Hereford Mappa Mundi, and the second the murder trial of Edmund Walter Pook.

J. B. Atlay [ James Beresford Atlay ] (1860-1912), writer on the law and crime
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15 April 1895; on letterhead of the Athenaeum [ Pall Mall, London ]; and 16 February 1897; 14 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn [ London ].

Both items in good condition. ONE: 3pp., 12mo. After a reference to 'Mr. Lang' he turns to the Hereford Mappa Mundi (his father was Bishop of Hereford): 'I am very glad you were interested in the introductory Essay to the "Mappa," and the commentary renders it easy to work out the whole thing: I once gave a lecture on it in my youth'. (The lecture was given in 1880.) A reference follows to the 'introductory dinner' at Lincoln's Inn of 'Dick' - Harrington's son Richard, the future 12th Baronet - at which he was 'in company with Bosanquet and myself'. TWO: 3pp., 12mo.

Printed Receipt Signed, with Autograph Signature and manuscript additions in another hand, for three months' governent annuities.

Spencer Cowper [Sir William Cowper]
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7 November 1720; [London].

Judge (1669-1728), and Attorney-General to the Prince of Wales on the accession of George I. Grandfather of the poet William Cowper, and brother of William Cowper, 1st Earl Cowper (1665-1723), Lord Chancellor of England. One of the defendants, in 1699, in the celebrated trial for the murder of Sarah Stout. Dimensions of paper roughly six and a half inches by six inches. On discoloured, spotted paper, with slight wear and loss to one corner (not affecting text). Right edge slightly trimmed, with partial loss to one word'.

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