Printed Receipt Signed, with Autograph Signature and manuscript additions in another hand, for three months' governent annuities.

Spencer Cowper [Sir William Cowper]
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7 November 1720; [London].
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Judge (1669-1728), and Attorney-General to the Prince of Wales on the accession of George I. Grandfather of the poet William Cowper, and brother of William Cowper, 1st Earl Cowper (1665-1723), Lord Chancellor of England. One of the defendants, in 1699, in the celebrated trial for the murder of Sarah Stout. Dimensions of paper roughly six and a half inches by six inches. On discoloured, spotted paper, with slight wear and loss to one corner (not affecting text). Right edge slightly trimmed, with partial loss to one word'. Begins 'Received by me [Spencer Cowper Esqe (Exore of the last Will & Testament of Sr Wm Cowper Barot ) for the use of my wife Mrs Pennington Cowper Nominee & of the Sd Sr Wm Cowper] Of the Right Honourable John Smith Esq; One of the Four Tellers of His Majesty's Receipt of Exchequer, the Sum of Three pounds & Ten Shillings 2 -'. Signed 'S Cowper' and 'Witness Wm '.