[George III; Spencer Perceval, Prime Minister.] Royal Signature ('George R') to document directing payment of servants of the younger princes from duties from Barbados and Leeward Islands, countersigned by Perceval and two other Lords of the Treasury

George III, King of England; Spencer Perceval, the only Prime Minister to be assassinated; William Eliot (1767-1845, latterly Earl of St Germans) and William Sturges-Bourne, Lords of the Treasury
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'Given at our Court at St James's the 16th: day of November in the forty ninth Year of our Reign'. [i.e. 1808]

2pp, folio. On a single sheet. In fair condition, lightly aged and worn, folded twice into the customary packet. The first page is headed with the king's scrawled signature ('George R.'), he being practically blind with cataracts at the time of signing. The document is countersigned at the end by three Lords of the Treasury: 'Sp Perceval | Wm Eliot | W Sturges Bourne'. The tax stamp is in its customary position in the left-hand margin of the first page.

Copy of the Irish republican newspaper 'Saoirse na h-Éireann. Irish Freedom', from the papers of Robert Lynd, and with the front-page article 'Germany is not Ireland's Enemy' possibly written by him.

Robert Lynd [Robert Wilson Lynd; Riobard ua Floinn] (1979-1949), Irish essayist [Saoirse na h-Éireann. Irish Freedom]
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'Printed by Patrick Mahon, 3 Yarnhall St., Dublin, for the Proprietors and published by them at their Office, 12 D'Olier Street, Dublin.' September 1914.

8pp., folio. Unopened. On aged high-acidity paper, with wear along central vertical fold, and chipping to extremities. The article is unsigned, and covers the whole of the front page and p.5 (which is headed 'Ireland won't be fooled again.') and ends on p.6. An inflammatory piece of writing, as the following paragraph indicates: 'Good-bye, Tommy! | Firstly, the army of occupation has been taken from Ireland. Dozens of ships were steaming in and out of Dublin Bay for a week, taking away the men who held this country for England before Mr. Redmond offered Mr.

[Mimeographed pamphlet.] 500 Hours In The Blitz. [On reverse:] Wartime Doggerel for the Dog Tired.

George E. O. Knight (b.1885) [The Blitz, 1940-1941; London; Thomas Edward Neil Driberg] (1905-1976), Baron Bradwell, journalist and Labour MP]
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London: "Earways", Flat 782, 67/9, Chancery Lane, W.C.2. 1941.

12pp., 4to. On the rectos of 12 leaves, stitched with red thread into yellow wrappers with crude design of airplanes in action. From the papers of the Labour MP Tom Driberg, and with 'Mr Driberg' in pencil at head of front wrap. In a preface dated 21 August 1941 Knight refers to 'twelve fateful and ferocious months', and criticises 'a deplorable lack of vision and imagination everywhere.

Typed Letter Signed and Memo from the Claims Section, British Embassy, Athens, regarding clothing and money allegedly lent to Major Patrick Leigh Fermor by Kyriakos Pattakos of Amariou.

[Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor [Paddy Leigh Fermor] (1915-2011), British scholar, travel writer and soldier who fought in Crete in the Second World War] [Kyriakos Pattakos of Amariou]
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Letter addressed to Leigh Fermor from Claims Section, British Embassy, Athens. 22 October 1946. Memo without date or place.

Both items in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. The two are attached with a rusty pin, and there is a tiny hole at the head of the memo, affecting the word 'Kyriakos'. LETTER: 1p., 4to. Signature illegible. Addressed 'To: Mr. P. Leigh Fermor | British Council | ATHENS | From: Claims Section | British Embassy | ATHENS'. With 'Ref: 133/2803/109' and headed 'Subject: Force 133 Claim - Kyriakos PATTAKOS (2803)'. Requesting Leigh Fermor's 'general observations' on the enclosed memo regarding Pattakos's 'petition to H.M. Ambassador requesting payment of compensation amounting to £150/200.

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