[Sir James Clark, Physician-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ja Clakr') regarding a dinner engagement with German chemist Justus von Liebig, with reference to Dr John Gardner.

Sir James Clark (1788-1870), Physician-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria, and to St George's Infirmary. [John Gardner (1804-1880); Justus von Liebig, chemist]
Publication details: 
Brook Street [London]; 'Saturday eveg' [1843 or after].

2pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to reverse of second leaf. The recipient is not identified. Begins: 'My Dear Sir, | I would have had much pleasure in accepting your invitation, & meeting Professor Liebig [Justus von Liebig (1803-1873), German chemist], but while you are enjoying yourselves, I expect to be a hundred miles at least on my way to Scotland in the Royal yacht.' He hopes to be able to make Liebig's acquaintance on his return.

[Sir James Clark, Physician-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ja Clark MD'), 'To the Curators of the library of the College of Surgeons', a reference for 'Mr. Fergus' who wants to read in the library.

Sir James Clark (1788-1870), Physician-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria, and to St George's Infirmary
Publication details: 
George Street [London]; 10 October 1832.

1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with thin strip of paper from mount adhering to blank reverse. Folded several times. Addressed at bottom left 'To the Curators of the library of the College of Surgeons'. Reads: 'Gentlemen, | Mr. Fergus, who is desirous of obtaining the advantage of reading in the library of the College of Surgeons, is known to me as a most respectable young man, and the permission to carry on his researches in your library will be bestowed on a very deserving person.'

[Sir Everard Home, Serjeant Surgeon to King George III.] Autograph Letter in the third person to 'Messrs. Laddiges', i.e. firm of George Laddiges, Hackney nurseryman, regarding bananas cultivated to 'perfection', with reference to 'Mr Eyton' and Kew.

Sir Everard Home, 1st Baronet (1756-1832), Serjeant Surgeon to King George III, brother-in-law and pupil at St George's Hospital of John Hunter (1728-1793) [George Laddiges, Hackney nurseryman]
Publication details: 
Sackville St [London]; 30 October 1826.

An interesting letter regarding the early cultivation of bananas in London. 1p, 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged, with slight nicking to one edge. Neatly written over nine lines. Reads: 'Sir Everard Home is much obliged to Messrs. Laddiges for a present of some very fine Bananas, which were quite ripe, and had a flavour Sir Everard had no idea that they ever could acquire in this Climate. He mentioned yesterday to Mr Eyton with astonishment who said they had fruited at Kew, but not He believed to such perfection'.

[ Andrew Ainslie Common, English astronomer and astronomical photographer. ] Typed Letter Signed ('A. A. Common') to the Sandwich bankers Messrs Emmerson & Co., with receipt, regarding golf balls purchased from Ramsay Hunter of St. George's Golf Club

A. A. Common [ Andrew Ainslie Common ] (1841-1903), astronomer and astronomical photographer [ Ramsay Hunter, Scottish greenkeeper and 'architect' of the [Royal] St George's Golf Club, Sandwich, Kent]
Publication details: 
Both letter and receipt from Eaton Rise, Ealing. W. [London] 31 March and 12 May 1900.

For more information on Common, see his entry in the Oxford DNB. Both items on aged and worn paper. ONE: Typed Letter Signed. 31 March 1900. 1p., 4to. 'I bought a gross of balls of Hunter and paid for them on the understanding that I should take them as I wanted them'. He has a rough idea how many he has had, and will be 'able to say exactly when I look in my locker'. He ends by asking the firm to refer to Hunter's books regarding the matter. TWO: Typed Receipt, signed by Common over two red Inland Revenue penny stamps. 12 May 1900. 1p., 4to. 'Received of Messrs Emmerson & Co.

[Auction catalogue.] Library of Books which Jolly & Son, Ltd., Incorporated Auctioneers will sell by Auction on Friday, 5th May, 1939, commencing at two o'clock. [By direction of Mrs. Haynes-Smith, of Turleigh Mill House, Nr. Bath, and other Owners.]

Jolly & Son, Ltd., Incorporated Auctioneers, The Auction Rooms, Charlotte Street, Bath
Publication details: 
Jolly & Son, Ltd., The Auction Rooms, Charlotte Street, Bath. [Harding & Curtis, Ltd., Bath.] 1939.

7pp., 8vo. Stapled. In poor condition, on aged and worn paper. The prices, and in most cases the names of the purchasers, are untidily given in pencil, the buyers seeming to be mainly members of the West Country trade, and including George [of Bristol], Grey, Lowe, Colbeck, Cox Towes, Brown, Williams. A collection strongly biased towards the English novel, with Henry James particularly well represented. A small collection of 'Dutch Books' features at the end of the sale. A scarce item, with no copy traced either on COPAC or on WorldCat.

81 items of personal correspondence of the social worker and founder of youth clubs Sir Basil Henriques, consisting of Autograph Letters Signed by him from childhood into early manhood, and a number of letters to him, mainly from his family.

Sir Basil Henriques [Sir Basil Lucas Quixano Henriques] (1890-1961), social worker, founder of youth clubs, and magistrate [Oxford & St George's Jewish Lads' Club, Commercial St, East London]
Publication details: 
Mainly dating from between 1899 and 1915, with the latest item from 1939.

Sir Basil Henriques was born in London on 17 October 1890, the youngest of the five children of David Quixano Henriques (1851-1912), whose family, originally Sephardi Jews from Portugal, owned a substantial import and export business, first in Jamaica, and then in Manchester and London, and his wife Agnes (née Lucas; 1849-1919), a great-niece of Sir Moses H. Montefiore. Basil was educated, first, under the headmaster the Rev. Edgar Stogdon (1870-1951) at Elstree preparatory school, and then, from 1904 to 1907, at Harrow.

Holograph poem by John S. Broad of Newcastle-under-Lyme, titled 'Forbearing Love' ('Heap coals of fire upon the guilty head'), with covering Autograph Letter Signed ('John S Broad'), expressing the hope that the poem will 'answer your purpose'.

John S. Broad [John Samuel Broad (b.1809)], Vicar of St Georges, Newcastle-under-Lyme [Victorian provincial poetry]
Publication details: 
Poem from Newcastle-under-Lyme, undated. Letter from Newcastle, 26 December 1843.

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Poem: 1p., 4to. Titled at head: 'Forbearing Love | Romans XII 19-21.' Signed at foot: 'John S. Broad | Newcastle under Lyme'. The poem consists of 24 lines in six four-line stanzas. The first stanza reads: 'Heap coals of fire upon the guilty head, | And melt its malice down; | Let flames of love around it be outspread | And charm away its frown.' The last stanza: 'Thus shall it win its conquering way in peace, | Raise trophies free from blood; | Thus make the storms of sinful passion cease | And bow the heart to God!' Letter: 1p., 12mo.

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