[Sir Edward Grey [Viscount Grey of Fallodon, First World War Foreign Secretary.] Autograph Note Signed to Lady Ilbert, wife of the Clerk of the Commons.


See the entries on Grey and Lady Ilbert's husband (who was Clerk of the Commons) in the Oxford DNB. 1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once. In an elegant hand. Reads: '15. 2. 15 / Dear Lady Ilbert / Many thanks: I shall be very glad to dine on Wednesday / Yours sincerely / E Grey.'

[Sir Edward Grey [Viscount Grey of Fallodon], Foreign Secretary during First World War.] Autograph Letter Signed to the ?Provost? [of Oriel College, Oxford, Sir David Ross], regarding what is probably not ?a matter for the head of a College'.

Sir Edward Grey [Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon] (1862-1933), Liberal Party politician, Foreign Secretary for much of the First World War [Sir David Ross [W. D. Ross] (1877-1971)]
Publication details: 
30 November 1922; on letterhead of Fallodon, Christon Bank, Northumberland.

See the entries for Grey and Ross in the Oxford DNB. 2pp, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded once for postage. Reads: ?My dear Provost / Probably you will not think that the enclosed requires any answer or that it is a matter for the head of a College but as it concerns a member of Oriel I send it on to you / Yours very truly / Grey of Fallodon.?

[Thomas George Baring, 1st Earl of Northbrook.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Northbrook'), requesting copies of two speeches by the Duke of Argyll.

Thomas George Baring (1826-1904), 1st Earl of Northbrook, Liberal politician and Viceroy of India, 1872-1876
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Fallodon, Chathill, Northumberland. 16 October 1876.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Writing to an unnamed correspondent, he asks to be sent ('Raby Castle | Darlington') 'a copy of the D of Argyll's speech in Septr. last, & of his speech upon the Cretan insurrection in 1867'. He is enclosing '19s in stamps'.

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