[Father Tom Maguire, Dean of Kilmore, Irish Roman Catholic priest, celebrated orator.] Autograph Letter Signed ('T. Maguire') to Richard Montgomery of Coolehill, regarding his gift of a five-year-old pup, 'coursing in Goulan', and 'a great Auction'.

Father Tom Maguire [Thomas Maguire] (1792-1847), Dean of Kilmore, Irish Roman Catholic priest, orator, polemicist, controversialist and nationalist [Richard Montgomery of Coolehill]
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19 April 1844. No place, but with one of the postmarks from Ballinamore [Co. Leitrim, Ireland].

Maguire was, his entry in the Oxford DNB states, 'one of the most popular orators of his age, and from 1829 until 1843 he addressed huge crowds and packed congregations in churches and at venues throughout England and Ireland'.

[ Herbert Hensley Henson, as Canon of Westminster Abbey: 'I suppose you and your Socialist brethren are getting ready for Armageddon!'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('H. Hensley Henson') to 'Jim', regarding 'Popish accusants' in the reign of James I.

Hensley Henson [ H. Hensley Henson; Herbert Hensley Henson ] (1863-1947), Anglican controversialist, successively Bishop of Hereford and Bishop of Durham
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 17 Dean's Yard, Westminster Abbey, S.W. [ London ] 7 December 1909.

3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Aged and worn, with a short closed tear at gutter. He begins by quoting 'Frere's History of the English Church 1558-1625', with regard to 'the number of Popish accusants at the beginning of James I's reign'. He observes that '[t]he returns were made to the Archbishop, & presumably compiled by the clergy: which no doubt justifies some measure of scepticism', while bringing in the 'Church Year Book' for comparison.

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