[Sir Arthur Bryant defends himself against an attack by fellow Pepys scholar Edwin Chappell.] Eight Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed Letter Signed (all 'Arthur Bryant') to Chappell, on questions of Pepys scholarship.

Sir Arthur Bryant [Sir Arthur Wynne Morgan Bryant] (1899-1985), historian and biographer of Samuel Pepys [Edwin Chappell (1883-1938), Pepys scholar and maritime historian; Samuel Pepys]
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From: The White House, East Claydon, Bucks (3); 97 Swan Court, Manor Street, London (3); Portmeirion and Madeira. Between 6 January 1932 and 22 November 1933.

Nine letters (eight ALsS and one TLS) totalling 16pp, 12mo, in close and neat autograph; and 2pp, 4to, typed. One from 1932 and the other eight from 1933. All signed 'Arthur Bryant'. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight rust-staining from paperclips to a couple of the letters. An interesting correspondence, in which Bryant gives an assessment of Pepys, and describes his approach to writing his biography. In one long letter (5 May 1933) Bryant describes his wider approach to the writing of history.

[[General Edmund Boyle, 8th Earl of Cork and Orrery.] Autograph Signature ('Boyle') to frank addressed in his Autograph to 'Miss L: Inglis | Milton Bryand | Wooborn'.

General Edmund Boyle, 8th Earl of Cork and Orrery (1767-1856), Irish peer and soldier, styled Viscount Dungarvan, 1768-1798
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'Woolverhampton [sic] July seventeenth 1848'.

The frank is on a piece of paper cut from the front of an envelope. In good condition, lightly aged, laid down on part of leaf from album. The frank is set out in the customary manner, with the signature 'Boyle' at bottom left, and the address reading: 'Woolverhampton [sic] July | seventeenth 1848 | Miss L: Inglis | Milton Bryand [sic] | Wooborn'. The recipient is probably Mary Louisa Inglis (d.1853), sister of Sir Robert Harry Inglis (1786-1855), Conservative politician and Lord of the Manor of Milton Bryant (or Bryan), Bedfordshire.

[ Dr. Williams's Library, London. ] Two birth certificates: first (1798), signed by J. L. Towers, Registrar, for daughter of Thomas Cooper of Hoxton; second (1816), signed by Thomas Morgan, Registrar, for son of Benjamin Seaton of Chatham.

Dr. Williams's Library, London (Thomas Morgan and J. L. Towers, Registrars) [ Thomas Cooper of Homerton; Rev. Israel Lewis; Benjamin Seaton of Chatham; Jacob George Bryant; Dissenters; Unitarians ]
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Dr. Williams's Library, Redcross-street, near Cripplegate, London. The second (1816): 'Printed by S. Couchman, Throgmorton-street, London.'

The two documents are printed forms, completed in manuscript. Both are tipped-in onto a leaf removed from an album. Both in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. ONE: 'C No 1429'. Dated 12 October 1798 and signed by 'J L Towers', 'Register.' Recording the birth of Sarah Cooper, daughter of Thomas Cooper and Jane Cooper (daughter of the Rev. Israel Lewis', born in Homerton, in the Parish of Saint John Hackney, on 17 June 1783. Witnessed by 'E. S. Cooper' and 'Sarah Mackaness'. TWO: 'E No 3478'. Dated 30 January 1816.

[ H.M. Patent Office, London. ] Manuscript document containing 'Searches' into the 'Novelty' and 'Validity' of around 150 patent applications, with diagrams and index.

H.M. Patent Office, London (now the Intellectual Property Office) [ Sir Henry Bessemer; Sir John Coode; Gusttav Overbeck; Crosse & Blackwell; Wedgwood; Bryant & May ]
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H.M. Patent Office, 25 Southampton Buildings, London, WC. 13 March 1878 to 19 December 1882.

The Patent Office - now the Intellectual Property Office - was established by the Patent Law Amendment Act of 1852, which simplified the procedure for obtaining patents of invention and reduced costs. In 1883 another Act of Parliament brought into being the office of Comptroller General of Patents, with, according to the National Archives, 'a staff of patent examiners to carry out a limited form of examination; mainly to ensure that the specification described the invention properly, but without any investigation into novelty'.

[Sir Arthur Bryant.] Typed Note Signed ('Arthur Bryant') to Philip Dossé, editor of Books and Bookmen, regarding a review of 'two Seymour books'.

Sir Arthur Bryant [Sir Arthur Wynne Morgan Bryant] (1899-1985), English historian and biographer of Samuel Pepys [Philip Dossé (d.1980), editor of Books and Bookmen]
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On his letterhead, Myles Place, The Close, Salisbury. 26 April 1976.

1p., foolscap 8vo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. He thanks him for his letter. 'The two Seymour books have no arrived and I will let you have the review as soon as I can get round to it.'

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