[ Jane Wardle, psychologist. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'Jane') to her father the painter Peter Wardle, together with a small collection of childhood writings and drawings.

Jane Wardle [ Frances Jane Wardle ] (1950-2015), Professor of Clinical Psychology, University College, London [ Peter Wardle (b.1929), English artist ]
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Two of the letters from 48 Abingdon Road, Oxford, and one on letterhead of the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford. One of the childhood items from Lidstone, Enstone, Oxfordshire. All items undated (adult letters pre-1991).

Wardle's achievements as a leading behavioural scientist in the field of cancer prevention are described in her obituary in the Guardian, 24 November 2015. The three adult letters addressed to 'Daddy'. One four-page letter on yellow paper with loss from damp damage, the other items in fair condition, with light signs of age. One of the other two letters also of four pages, and the last of one page. The letters are intimate and positive, filled with loving encouragement and advice and giving family news.

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